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Why is "Name and Shame" a no-no?

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The problem with most online games is anonymity. If people were actually worried they might get a reputation for being a rager, troll, or just insanely offensive it would probably cut down on a lot of those types of incidences. The Tribunal Works but only to a certain extent.

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Straight from the Wookies' mouth:

Hey dudes,

Happy Saturday. What'cha up to? I was playing League, when someone let me know of some forum drama. Apparently there's been an outbreak of "Name and Shame" threads. Since these threads are against our rules, they've been closed or deleted.

However, this has left some of you thinking about a conspiracy.

I'm not one for chemtrails or tin foil hats, so I thought I'd clarify our policy on the issue for everyone. If you have questions or concerns feel free to shoot them my way.

When a thread is closed for Name and Shame, Riot is not taking a stance on the issue. Our policy is clear, we don't allow such threads, even if we know a player is at fault.


Well, multiple reasons. We don't want trolly players to get more attention then they already have. Naming and Shaming has the funny effect of making the target even more popular.

Also, and usually the mob doesn't like this part, sometimes internet justice is wrong. We don't think that the forums is the best place to conduct a trial and we will close any threads that try to do this.

If you genuinely are concerned about a player and think they are violating our rules, then you should reach out to us directly through our support site. We do not conduct investigations through the court of public opinion.

Usually we just close these kinds of threads, but with this post giving you all a heads up, I'm letting you know ahead of time that repeat attempts to name and shame will result in bans from the forums.

Again, this has nothing to do with our stance on the issue, and everything to do with keeping witch hunts off the forums.

Source (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4723963)