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Gromp, the War Tortoise

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Captain FlabDuck

Junior Member


Gromp is a big tortoise, hence the name. He is a tanky support.

Passive: Thick Shell:
Gromp has a strong shell, gaining bonus armor and magic resist.

Q: Munch:
Gromp grabs a target with his mouth. They will remain in his mouth and, after two seconds, will be spit back out depending on what direction Gromp is facing.

W: Defense:
Gromp tucks his limbs into his shell, becoming invulnerable to damage, but is immobilized. Defense drains Gromp's mana the longer he is in his shell, and he will come back out once Defence is reactivated.

E: Mount:
Gromp stops moving. An ally can right click Gromp to hop on his back. Allies on Gromp's back can auto attack, but cannot cast spells while on him. If they do cast a spell, they will be thrown off. Gromp can throw a player off his back whenever he wants. For example, if the mid laner hops on but he wants the adc on instead, he can throw them off and have the adc get on.

R: Way of the Tortoise:
Gromp grows huge, gaining increased health and movement speed. Gromp can also walk over enemies, trampling them and doing damage.

I hope you enjoy!