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Elise or Kha' zix?

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I have A large amount of ip and I was wondering who to buy for a jungler... Kha' zix or elise?

I know with all the kha' zix nerfs a while ago some people say R.I.P. Kha' zix but he is still very good.
Elise has been a lesser known champion in lower elo but I think that she is also very reliable as a jungler.

Who would you pick?

*And I don't want people arguing over who is better I just want to hear opinions.

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check the stats overview which can help u...
For Elise:
attack power is 6
defense is 5
magical power is 7
BUT be careful that she is difficult with 9

For Kha'zix:
attack power is 9
defense is 4
magical power is 3
u can easily judge him as he is mostly physical and easier to use than Elise

elise is really strong but her build-up could be a bit hard as she might require attack damage items with some important abilities (Skittering Frenzy). magic is a must as well...

Kha'zix is easier and WOW !!! he is a nice thingy !!!

Psst... Check out for Diana...she have only 4 difficulty with all her stats above 5...none of her stats is below 5 in the overview...ashe is 7, and so is diana by physical...we all know that ashe is powerful too...Diana have immense defense with 6 (still more than half !!)...and her magic is a WOW thingy asy as well with 8 out of 10...

If u take a closer look at all the champs, u will find that all of them have a weakness with a stat below 5...and this stat is less than half...

but Diana seemed to be the only champ to have all the stats like...WOW !!! She is beautiful too. Her cool-downs and mana costs are sweet and soft and small as well!!!

so? where are u plotting in the league now?
Diana vs. Elise vs. Kha'zix?

remember to practice the Guy or Gals by yourself at first and learn to use them...all 3 champs could go a bit tricky...

Good luck...

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The Kayin

Senior Member


I main jungling and I'm a fan of both Kha'zix and Elise as champions - but not for jungle.

Elise's ganks depend heavily on landing her E. This is a difficult skill shot. You can gank without but honestly they're weak ganks.

Kha'zix is and I think always will be a viable jungler despite balancing nerfs or buffs. They'll have to rework him if they want to push him out of the jungle. That said - he is an assassin jungler like master Yi. No or little CC and he's really designed to kill people. Base your ganks around you getting the kills. Don't go in lane with the enemy laner at 100%.. or even 80% really. The gank will fail every time.

The fad with Kha'zix is to max and evolve his W. I still favor evolving Q first. Also, Kha'zix works really well as an aggressive jungler plaguing the enemy jungler as long as you know you can win the fight. Don' invade an Udyr, Yi, Shaco or anyone stronger than you early game.

I tend to prefer Kha'zix in the jungle over Elise because both are situational picks and if I need an AP tank in the jungle there are better options over Elise IMO.

Sleeper tip: Elise can be a very strong top laner. She counters a lot of tops. Again, situational