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A Gravedigger Escapes: Yorick joins the League

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General Keith



(hey, guys!I'm re-posting Yorick's post here with a better name in hopes for more reads. Without further ado, here's Yorick!)

1089748How I joined the League:

{{DISCLAIMER: I am not apart of or associated with the Riot creative team and therefore I may not accurately portray any or all character's personalities and temperament. My stories are not apart of official lore and are sections merely derived from their respective lores. Thank you for reading, enjoy!}}

"I, Yorick Mori, have been a lost and forgotten individual since the day my soul departed from Valoran. Having been enslaved by the Shadow Isle's anarchy, I was forced to advance ghouls from one stage of death to the next. Among the land of the living, the Mori line was little known, but among the Shadow Isles, they were renowned gravediggers and served as the primary ferryman for their myriad undead. When a Mori dies, he becomes the new ferryman and replaces his father. But I, without an heir, was doomed to be subdued to that tormenting toil until the Shadow Isles themselves came to an end...

The dreadful and eternal nights turned to weeks, to months, to years, to centuries. The idea of returning to Valoran could not be withheld from my frequent thoughts. I disregarded the concept of escaping the Shadow Isles, dreaming while working was never the best policy. But that idea was not as far-fetched as I had previously thought...

The sway of a ship in the distance penetrated the ghostly fog. My first assumption was that it was another voyage from Elise, making my job harder. But when the ship landed in a makeshift harbor, and they climbed down the wooden sides, Elise was not among them. The man and woman who approached inland seemed to have a different purpose. They did not cower in fear at the horror of these isles upon sight, and they did not cower in fear at the sight of the twisted monster that I had become either; rather, they smiled upon sight of me. More accurately, they smiled upon sight of my shovel.

They introduced themselves as a Professor Warwick and Shauna Vayne, and proceeded to demanding my services for them. I promptly refused their presumptuous "offer" and calmly schlepped away, vanishing into the mist. Even though aid was denied, they continued toward their goals, and in the process, destroying the Shadow Isles. They corrupted the solemn islands into a synthetic workplace, a mine. What they were searching for I was oblivious to, and it peaked my detrimental curiosity. Their plans were thwarted by the evasiveness of whatever material they were mining for. Their days of searching turned to weeks, then months, then a whole year passed without any sign of it. Their frustration reminded me of myself when I was forced to dig. I pitied them.

I approached them with caution and questioned their motives for mining. Professor Warwick smiled, and told me of his search of an ancient silver residing here in the Shadow Isles; and how he and Vayne made an alliance to retrieve it. I immediately recognized the silver he spoke of, and remembered it's whereabouts. So, using the only leverage I had in centuries, I agreed to reveal the location of the silver to them in exchange for escape from the prison. His impatience overcame him and he agreed to the terms the instant my breath left my lungs.

The Shadow Isles have always had large deposits of silver that made it a rich expanse for mining. But the deposit's location was perfect, when the moon rose, the accompanied light emitted onto the silver in the mines and enchanted it with it's power. So that when the Shadow Isles lay corrupted, it remain pure.

We arrived at the mining field and I began to dig, dig more unwearied than ever before. Days passed until I eventually uncovered the fervent silver. They gasped in wonder at it's pomp. They nodded to me in contentedness and an approving gesture. I knew that my work as a human spade was finally finished...
{{champion:83}} Part Two:

After their excavation, they welcomed me aboard their ship. My high spirits kept me occupied through the stormy and long voyage. I theorized that my body would be the key to my resurrection, and my goal was only to seek it and if there might be a chance, bring back the Mori line from the grave. I departed from the ship on a Demacian coast while they continued treading the water farther south. I searched and searched for years for my body, but no grave remained. And the Final Rest Monument had crumbled away...

I lived without a purpose, but yet I felt alive. I felt freedom and peace, which was enough even without a purpose. Or so I thought. A stranger approached me, calling himself Coronach. He told me that he had been studying me for some time and wanted to offer me something, a purpose. He came from a place known as the Institute of War and was a recruiter for the League's champions. He told me that there was still a chance at making the Mori line a renowned family, if I fought in the League of Legends. He offered me a purpose, and a way to declare the greatness of the Mori family to the world. I did the reasonable, and accepted his invitation and followed him to the Institute of War.

Today, not many summoners muster me to the Fields of Justice, but I will prove to them the magnificence of Yorick Mori and his ascendents one day..."

(So how did I do? I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on my performance! Did I portray the characters personalities well? Did you enjoy the addition to their lores? Or maybe you want to give a suggestion for the next champion I should do. I'll be back tomorrow to reply to comments, answer questions, and decide who I will write my next post for. See you guys tomorrow!)