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Ranked selection

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Vlad DrakoV

Junior Member


The selection of the ranked is really bad. I just dodged a match at the very last second where a kid picked yi and never tell where he went. Not even a word.

You should add a kick buton for those troll and send us back to the finding player thing. Now I have to wait 5 minutes because of an idiot that obviously dont care about teamwork.

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Senior Member


Vote kick

Champion select, everyone calls or picks a champion. But someone was faster or instant locked, you are forced to either play the same role you wanted to play, or to pick a less skilled role. In either case, who is right and who is wrong? Since there is a votekick with a time penalty, would you attempt to votekick the one who picked faster, or the one who is in a weaker role? In any case, you will use the votekick on said player or someone else does and the votes will be count.

If "yes" happens, the vote succeeds and you've a free card out of the queue. This is especially nice in Ranked... When the enemy team might had a stronger team pick over you.

If "no" happens, either because you or someone else voted no the other raging summoner (probably the one you just tried to votekick) iniates a vote against the player who votes no. Everyone votes yes including the one that just got the votekick against him obviously. If you used "no" in the first part, this will be you ofcourse and you're kicked.

No matter how you're going to look at it, the votekick can be abused and this'll be likely to happen:
If you don't want to play the meta, you get votekicked thereby "forcing the meta" even more on you.
4 players get a free card out of a game on your team when they were on a disadvantage, which is either:
1. Votekicked player is a troll
2. Votekicked player picked a champion they do not like
3. Votekicked player is a scapegoat in general because the enemy team had a better team comp (Ranked).
Votekick can be used against innocent people to get out of unfun situations.
Time that could be spent on cooperation, is lost in arguing who to votekick.
Votekick can be used in revenge against the one who iniated it and failed it.
Five other players on the other team who had a good team comp or cooperation set up either in normal or ranked is forced back into the queue. They might get in the situation as mentioned above. Resulting in an overall more toxic community...

Conclusion: As much as its a weapon against "Toxic" players, it can be just used against "Good" players and will be likely abused by "Neutral" players. Riot Lyte's post about votekicking (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=35559872#post35559872). It was even abused to the extent that another MOBA Game 'Heroes of Newerth' had removed this similiar feature.