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Slight Ezreal Buffs

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Ezreal is my favorite champion. However, Ezreal is under powered when compared to popular adc's in the meta, including Caitlyn, Tristana, and Lucian. I feel a few slight buffs could make Ezreal a more viable adc.

1.Make Essence Flux usable! It does no damage. It doesn't slow. The only reason to use it is for the attack speed buff to allies. So in essence, it is only good with teammates. I provides no dueling ability, direct damage output, or utility. I propose we add in a slow. It would help Ezreal kite assassin champions, and duel adc champions. And more importantly, it would give Ezreal another skill to consistently use. Ezreal's skill cap can grow higher.
In addition, why not make it scale with AD? And able to hit minions? It could help with Ezreal's wave clear problem and just overall damage output.

2. Lower manacost on arcane shift. Lucian gets to dash for free, and when playing Ezreal I feel as though I can only use arcane shift judiciously due to the mana cost. Lowering mana cost will allow Ezreal more wiggle room.

3. Allow arcane shift to prioritize champions. During any sort of engagement, I hate when I arcane shift and it hits a minion instead of a champion. This occurs often during laning phase, and if it could prioritize champions instead of closest target, it could make Ezreal's all in way more devastating.

These are a few suggestions I have, I hope you agree with some of the points! Thanks

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rito doesnt buff champs dude they only nerf

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To be honest, Ezreal is in a tough spot. His passive, while encouraging spell use, doesn't make a lot of sense thematically. Ezreal is a caster-ADC, he wants to stay back and provide sustained damage with his short-CD spells. Attack speed isn't a great stat on him, as he doesn't usually stay close enough to enemy to really utilize his basic attacks.

One (of many) ways to fix this would be a semi-rework to push him more into the caster/poke ADC category.


Passive: Rising Spell Force
Upon hitting a target with any of Ezreal's NON-ULTIMATE abilities, Ezreal's ability cooldowns are reduced by one second.
Logic: Ezreal doesn't utilize attack speed well, and this reinforces his place as a caster while keeping the focus on landing skillshots.

Q: Mystic Shot
Range: 1150 Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 Mana Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 Damage: 30/45/60/75/90 (1.20 AD) (.40 AP)

ACTIVE: Ezreal fires a bolt of energy in a line that will deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first enemy it hits.
Logic: Lower damage at all levels with better scaling, helps to keep Ezreal in check in the early game while giving him more power as a late game caster.

W: Essence Flux
Range: 800 Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (.30 AD) (.70 AP)
ACTIVE: Ezreal fires a wave of energy in a line. Any enemies it passes through are dealt physical damage, and enemy champions hit are slowed by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% for 2 seconds.
Logic: Now damages minions, giving Ezreal better waveclear early. However, its mana cost has been increased at early levels, range is 200 less than old W, and it has lost 10 base damage at all ranks to prevent spamming early on. Now has a small AD ratio.

[B]E: Arcane Shift[B]
Range: 475 Cost: 90/100/110/120/130 Mana Cooldown: 19/18/17/16/15 Damage: 65/115/165/215/265 (.60 AP)
ACTIVE: Ezreal instantly teleports to a nearby target location and fires a honing arrow at the nearest enemy unit, prioritizing champions, within 750 range, dealing magic damage to it. If an enemy champion is hit by the honing arrow, Ezreal is refunded half of the mana cost.
Logic: Largely increased mana cost, longer cooldown at all ranks after rank one, lower damage and lower scaling. The mana refund on champion hit is designed to limit his mobility across the map by spamming arcane shift over walls, while providing incentive for him to kite enemy champions.

R: Trueshot Barrage
Range: global Cost: 150 Mana Cooldown: 70/65/60 Damage: 300/425/550 (.60 AD) (.70 AP)
ACTIVE: After gathering energy for 1 second, Ezreal fires a powerful, broad energy missile that travels in a line across the whole map dealing magic damage to each enemy unit it passes through.
Logic: Now does not do reduced damage after hitting enemies, but in turn has a higher mana cost and lower base damage+scalings.

Comments: Remember, all numbers are not final. These changes would push Ezreal more into a full-time AD caster, who relies heavily on landing skillshots to succeed. Mana cost changes reduce his early game power by forcing him to build mana items and wait until lategame to be a large threat. The changes also push him more into the mid lane.

Suggested build: Lucidity boots, Manamune, Iceborn Guantlet, Last Whisper, Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel

Playstyle: Preferably go mid lane, rush tear and farm while poking the enemy laner with Q and W but not engaging in a full fight. Finish manamune and iceborn guantlet, and focus on farming. During early dragon fights, stay to the side and provide sustained damage and slows.

In the midgame, try to constantly pressure the enemy team by poking and using E+W slow to disengage. You should have finished boots and 2/3 core items by now.

Once you hit lategame, it's your time to shine. Let your front line soak up damage while you constantly barrage the enemy with Muramana proc Q's. By now, you should be extremely difficult to lock down.

Once again, all numbers are not final. This is just one way to look at possibly changing up Ezreal.

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NyX Reks



^Goodbye AP Ez...