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Leaver's, AFKing.

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iSalty MiA

Junior Member


Now we all usually get stuck with a AFK, Rage quiter, Dcer or a troll that likes to sit in base and talk **** to his/her team. Why hasn't RIOT done anything about this? Like a system where if a player either quits/AFK the game when count down and end and it will be a loss prevented or something similar to that? Knowing myself and others, it's not fun playing a game that you're automatically stuck in for 20mins until you can /ff. You can win some games four vs five but mainly you can't. So you're stuck with waiting until you can /ff. I wish Riot could do something about that type of stuff to help provide our gaming expense the best ever. Hopefully In the future Riot can make a system where they can fix this issues, it happens often just like you get a toxic player and or a TROLL!

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Senior Member


The problem is how do you make a system that will not punish people when they have an afker that people won't abuse.

Your team decides to invade the jungle at 1:30. You all screw up massively and after a big fight the score is 0-5. Obviously you're now behind and the game is going to be a bit harder than it normally would. So, someone on your team just goes afk and leaves the game before 3:00. The system looks at the game and can see you had an afk, therefore the loss is prevented when the reality is that someone intentionally left the game to force the loss prevention.

We would ALL LOVE to have a system that would not punish us when we get stuck with an afker... those would be some of the happiest days in league... But if people are able to abuse the system and (in a way) control it, then that system will become toxic to the game.

I really do hope that Riot can come up with some system for this that can't be abused... but I don't think that will be any time soon.