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Looking for tips

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I'm lv25 and almost to the Ranked stage. However, I have no idea what to do now. Can you give me some advice? Also, I'll put on the champions I use in case you recommend some or think they are not favourable.
Top: Renekton, Gnar, Fizz(AD)
Jungle: Cho'Gath, Lee Sin, Rengar
Mid: Vel'Koz (yeah, I know. Needs more)
ADC: Tristana
Support: Leona, Lulu.
Honestly I don't like playing ADCs much but I do like Kog'Maw

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hh the thinker

Senior Member


top: fizz top, it's fine, just watch out for some people who will think you are trolling and may even toss games. plus, you have to be actually good with fizz to pull it off.

jungle: lee sin is fine for jungle, but can be hard to play well.

mid: vel'koz isn't too bad, but I would suggest knowing at least two champs in case it's ban or taken for each role. right now, syndra and ori are good, naming only two.

adc: trist is right now being ban very often, I would recommend you to learn at least one more. since you like kog, that's fine.

support: Leona is fine, lulu support isn't as common anymore, but isn't too bad.

I would recommend you main two roles and just be able to play the other three. practice two or three champs on the roles you main and just keep practicing and playing them.

by level 30, make sure your runes and masteries are good. if you don't know what's best, you can look it up or ask.

best of luck to you once you start ranked.