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Issue with players leaving games

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In five of my last eight games at least one player in the game was afk for an amount of time that impacted the game. These all being ranked games it pretty much decided the game. There needs to be some harsher punishment for leaving a game than there currently is even if they come back. League is supposed to be a competitive game of skill and in reality it is a game of chance. What are the chances the troll/afk is on the other team. I am not sure whether anyone really cares but it seems like playing ranked is kinda pointless if the game is decided by which team actually has 5 people the whole game. Does anyone know if there is anything in the works to remedy this issue?

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I just said the same in my post,the difference is i was more unlucky than you and got more leavers the last two days.What i got in answer? i got down voted to no end and senior members made fun of me,so if you are seeking help you won't find it here,riot doesn't ****ing care and senior members are just licking riots boots and do whatever they are told,in this case:**** on everybody that gives player feedback.