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Worst thing said to you in-game?

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Just wondering what some of the most insanely obnoxious and outright toxic things people have said to you in-game. Please don't repeat word-for-word what they said as it could be against forum rules, and no name n' shame.

Anyways I find it funny how much some people get so worked up over the game that I've been told some pretty ridiculous things by players.

I'll go first;

In my last game I asked to not play support. (I'm a bad support, yeah) I just simply don't enjoy it much and I'm bad at it. Instead of being met with a modicrum of understanding or communication, I was immediately bombarded by harassment from this group of friends that were playing.

"Too bad $#@! get reported" and they locked in. "Just leave $#@! just ragequit" This is a normal game so I'm not that worried. I've won worse.

The Twitch I lane with starts dying a lot. Like a lot. He pretty much dies as soon as he enters lane because he refuses to back away from the enemy Nidalee/Jinx combo. I actually opted for playing a support-ish role because I didn't want to be THAT rude and take all of his creeps - but my god it's as if he was dying on purpose.

"GG I'm gonna play with real men" or some such nonsense, and leaves the game. It's only about 8 minutes into the game.

Viktor says "GG please report MF after the game she made Twitch ragequit - stupid [C-WORD] $#@! noob" or something along those lines. I basically said "lol what".

I was blown away by the use of the big C word.

Post-game screen, he's still begging them to report me. Guy has like 3k wins on his account. I kind of feel bad for him now.