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[Champion Concept] Servo and Cide, The Twins of Shadows

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Servo is a champion built to survive and to protect others. Cide is a champion built on doing quick burst of damage to kill an opponent while staying hidden. They have medium-high base stats that allows them to survive early game but are focused on assassinating people late.


Servo and Cide were left to the streets at an early age by their parents. Fighting to survive they learned to scavenge what they could from broken down houses or alleyways in Cities. Traveling from place to place they found a ruined temple. Sneaking into this dojo they find that was inhabited by shadows and try to leave. On their way out they were caught by Zed, instead of killing them he decides to take them in and train the brothers.

They proved excellent students in the way of being assassin. The Brothers had an exam to test if they were ready to be true assassin. For their task they had to go out and murder a target that Zed had set up for them. When they got to the chosen target Servo told Cide that we shouldn’t murder a helpless man when he did nothing wrong, Cide goes against his brother and murders the old man. Servo decided to leave his brother and the temple and promised to never kill a man in vain. Cide returned to the temple to tell his master that he completed the mission, but Servo betrayed them and went off on his own.

Servo, away from his brother for the first time since they were born, was left to walk around by himself for months before he found a man by the name of shen. Shen took him back and taught him the ways of the Kinkou and to protect others. Servo was taught under Master Shen, Kennen, and Akali for many months and became a full born protector, mastering a skill from each of his tutors.

Cide was sent on a mission to kill the Spider Queen in the Shadow Isles. On his journey he was tricked into being eaten by Vilemaw. His soul just floated there and watched his body be devoured. He didn’t know what to do next since he couldn't move, then he spotted a man sized figure walking towards him. Cide researched the Isles before coming so he assumed it was the Warden coming for his soul. To his surprise it was his brother who accepted his soul into his body and from that point on they have been trying to find a home for Cide’s soul.
(I lost the original lore so I tried to remember it as best as I could)


Each brother has his own move set and of course the ult changes between the two brothers


Servo is the brother you start with since he is the "living" brother
Servo is a ranged champion throwing Shruiken. Range-550

Passive-Shadow Walker
Ignores unit collision

Servo jumps to nearby ally and kicks away closest enemy champion
Cd:10,9.25,8.5,7.75,7 seconds
Damage: 20,40,60,80,100(+.5 bonus AD)

W-Among the Shadows
Servo channels his strength going invisible granting bonus movement speed while invisible.
Cd:15 seconds
Duration:8 seconds
Movement speed: +30%

E-Incendiary Shuriken
Servo throws an incendiary shruiken which explodes and slows enemy units around the explosion.
Cd:17,16,15,14,13 seconds
Damage:35,70,105,140,175(+.4 AD)

R-Soul Swap
Servo and Cide swap which soul is in control of the body giving new abilities and stats.
Servo: Bonus Movement Speed 10,25,40,55
Cide: Bonus Attack Damage 20,35,50,65

Here is a visual of what we thought he would look like.
http://trickjokers.deviantart.com/art/Servo-486690196 (http://trickjokers.deviantart.com/art/Servo-486690196)


Cide takes control over his brother's body and shows off what he learned in his training
Cide is a melee champion attacking with Dual Dao Blades. Ranged-150

Passive-Finish it
After 2 auto attacks Cide does true damage on the next Basic attack
Damage:6,8,10 (+.1 Bonus AD)

Cide jumps to enemy champion stabbing them dealing true damage
Cd:7 seconds
Damage: 30,40,50,60,70 (+.3 Bonus AD)

W-Smoke Bomb
Cide throws out a smoke bomb that explodes in a area that limits vision and slowing within the area.
Cd:20,19,18,17,16 seconds
Radius: 250,300,350,400,450
Slow: 23,27,31,35,39%

E-Flaming Shuriken
Cide throws a Flaming Shuriken that deals damage to the first person it hits and leaves a burn on the target.
Cd: 6 Seconds
Damage: 40,50,60,70,80 (+.45 AD)
Burn: 5,6.5,8,9.5,11% Bonus AD

R-Soul Swap
Same as before

Here is a visual drawing of what we thought he would look like.
http://trickjokers.deviantart.com/art/Cide-486689323 (http://trickjokers.deviantart.com/art/Cide-486689323)


I hope its not bad or anything but my friend and I decided to come up with a character concept in our free time. We had a big debate about ninjas and assassins, and we thought what would happen if they shared a body and this is were the idea of Servo and Cide came from. Anyway, thank you if you read all the way down here and I hope you liked the champion(s).

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This is a pretty cool idea.