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Riot doesn't care about players

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Account hacked>
Hacker loses purposely 10+ games in a row
Scores of 0-10 every game
Message riot for help, inform of recent hacking
accounts Muted for 300+ games
Riot replies with automated message (great customer service obviously) JOKES
Play my ass off, get my ranked tiers back
back to 0 games left on mute, instantly re-muted for 330+
Message riot- response- too bad you have prior history of verbal abuse. (Automated response, shocker right?)
(I make snarky comments after people make them to me, NEVER cursing at anyone)

I guess you could laugh riot, sit there do nothing like you always do, while your game is blatantly losing thousands of players, then again... jokes on you! I wont be passing the 200+skin marker, aka I wont be helping pay your paychecks! It may sound like a joke, hes just 1 person! In reality, it's becoming more and more people, reality will hit all of you eventually.
Once people start realizing how useless you are, this game will die. Servers for example.