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How To Outplay a Better Comp (Video Guide)

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Hey everyone, I'm a new Youtuber that just started up last week. I am compiling a lot of videos right now, but I had a crazy game last night that I thought I'd use to make a short guide on teamfighting/outplaying a better team composition.

It features me and my team (I'm playing Lee Sin with a Maokai, Gragas, Ezreal, and Nami on my team) against a Malphite, Annie, Fiddlesticks, Draven, and Sona. The game went into 50+ minutes and came down to a final team fight and the necessity of outplaying the other team really hard.

I talk about a lot of stuff in the video, and I thought I conveyed it in a pretty informative way. I know there's ways I could have made it better, so if you see something I could change/improve make sure to comment on the video so I can make those changes for next time! (Subtle I know).

Also, if you like it, make sure to drop a sub, I'm gonna be rolling out a lot of videos soon!


Here's the link to the video: