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@Riot, you need to fix your chat restriction bot

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I just got off a giant chat restriction, something like 150 games. On the VERY FIRST GAME, I asked my team mates if they could run a little experiment with me. I asked if they would report me for verbal abuse after the game and one person, ONE PERSON agreed to do so. I did not verbally abuse any one in the game. About as close as you could justify is I said "Ok guys, what the hell was that?" when we botched a team fight really badly.

So with what I KNOW to be a single report after only one game, your system humped another 230 games of chat restriction on me. For a single unwarranted report. Unless your intention is for anyone who gets reported to just get automatically chat restricted, then you need to fix your stupid system because it's broken. If it is your intention to punish people out of hand simply on the conjecture of snitches and trolls, then I'm not going to play your game. If the system is in place to reform so called "toxic" players then you need to actually give them a chance to reform. If the system isn't in place for that... Then what IS it there for.