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Team Work

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One of the concerns I've been running into is how to get a team to work together. I know its the same old challenge to everyone. I understand giving encouragement, taking responsibility is part of it, but it also seems like it can tear a team apart as well. Anyone who has advice for getting a team to work together better, please, by all means, share your knowledge.

Personally I can get matched with silvers and golds when out of ranked play, but in ranked play, I get put with bronze players and it seems like nobody wants to work together in ranked but it seems to work flawlessly outside of ranked play.

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You need to give direction without being overbearing or fake. At low levels of play, you're not going to do much better than the cohesion required to get a team to attempt to take dragon or group up somewhere, but if you can get yourself + one other person getting wards and placing them (more the better, everyone should be grabbing wards on back) and start using vision + objectives control for "win teamfight --> take objectives" then that's all you need.