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Harsher punishment

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Seriously Riot - I've not had a game in the last 2 days where someone hasn't left during the game for simply getting upset that they aren't winning. This is ranked play, not just ARAM or Dominion. Why am I getting punished so hard for people leaving? Can we not give harsher punishment to those who leave during ranked play and lighten up on those of us who have to play with them gone?

Maybe greater rewards for teams who can win with players gone and lighter punishment if they lose. I shouldn't be losing 21 LP simply because we cant compete with a team when we are missing a player. How about 13 LP instead - its not as harsh, but I still lost so I deserve the LP loss. 21 LP for a win when our 5th player left the game? How about 30 LP for win without the 5th player?

Seriously, can we do something about this please?