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Player contempt for discipline system

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Since riot started the banning system, I have been trying to be as pleasant as possible. If riot is getting serious about stopping the epidemic of trolls in the game, I thought that I could really try to be a better player myself in support. It seems though, that there is still a lot of work to do. This latest conversation is a typical example of champ select in league of legends. Note the out right contempt the a couple of players have for the riot's disciplinary initiatives. (player 1 and 4 are duo que.) Anyway, good luck riot, I hope for your success. (obviously i changed the names cause it isn't my intent to call individuals out.

player 1: ADC OR FED
player 2: adc
player 3: http://cv.gg/d2AHk5
player4 : adc
player 3: lol
player5: umm adc
player 3: (adc or feed) ... three calls for adc
player 1: adc or fed i repeat adc or fed
player 4: player5 I'm adc actually
player1: i dont five a ****k am adc or ia dc
player 4: I called first and we're same pick
player 3: so if we don't give you adc, you get fed?
player 5: word
player 3: None of us seem like the kind to care about your threats.
player 4: That lucian autolock tho
player 5: mid
player 1: fedding time
player 3: Honestly, riot is getting more determined to ban trolls, so just go afk then get banned
player 1: stfu u mad
player 3: I've lost ranked games before, I can loose one more.
player 1: and i dont givvee a ****kk a bout ur life
player 4: Nah he won't get banned he'll get a 450 game chat restrict he's had 300 before
player 3: obviously you do, or you would just shut up and afk.
player 3: Nah, they have begun banning people now
player 4: Nah they havent
player 3: yeah they have, 14 games first time perma second
player 4: Nope I havent been banned sooo nobody's being banned
player 3: lol there are so many holes in that logic

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Doesn't exactly surprise me, it's all very common in solo queue... I would say find a group of friends and play with them, but that isn't very good advice.

But Riot's endeavors to remove such negativity amongst players seems to have targeted the wrong demographic; and instead removed quite a few individuals that aren't necessarily as harmful as they may have been perceived, I am not entirely sure if you have noticed the recent ban wave, but Riot is currently doing something about this circumstance, but I doubt you will be seeing less of this anytime soon.