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Riot Please take Rage Quitters and Trolls who try to lose the game more seriously.

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In the past month i have had to report more people than i have since i started playing league which has been for 3 years now. I am D2 player spiking up to D1 constantly then falling back down not because I lack the skill or inconsistent game play but simple because I am constantly getting players who within the first 10 minutes if we are behind they give up and sit in base which starts a chain reaction among my teamamtes and they all afk in fountain as well instead of trying to get that person to keep playing.

Im not one to beg with people to come back and play if they are ones to rage quit or troll because i dont think i should need to i think people playing ranked should be there to play until they win or lose not give up because they dont see the point. I do however get lucky and get some normal teams or win before anyone has time to complain where I am able to play and improve but well for example i have been winning and losing from D2 0lp to D1 40lp constantly i have lost 6 out of my 10 games from 4v5 or less and the worst part is after i lose i even wait a few minutes so i dont get matched up with them again and it doesnt make a difference ill get matched with them again and they do the same thing. I love league of legends and dont intend ot quit but this is just destroying me. Riot if any of you read this please i know you have alot of things going on. but just start off my implementing : 4v5 or less are received loss prevented and anyone who leaves a game ( NOT DC) is banned for 1 day or some other punishment.

Here is my match history if anyone wants to see the win loss spikes.
I really needed to vent and get this off my shoulders since its been bothering me for a month