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Map of Valoran

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Celestial Arc



Hand drawn map of Valoran continent in Runterra where the champions live (besides those who reside in the void).


as said in desc. of post on deviant art it is all hand drawn on paper using fine point sharpie black. I have about everything on it except i think that Mount Gargauntaun (i think its spelled) is changed to something else.
Would love feedback on here or on deviant art, though just started out doing this stuff but i think i might do a map of the game maps as in summoners rift, twisted tree line, crystal scar, or howling abyss. Dunno yet may even try drawing what a city state on Valoran might look out, though as i said feed back is appreciated, about this work or what i should do next. And i would also like to here suggestions on nice tools that can be used on this sorta thing, going to go to Michael soon to pick up some supplies, and i usually only use sharpie to draw maps with so anything is appreciated.