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Read,Great Idea

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Champion Skin Tab

When I want to see what skins I have, I have to go through the champions tab to select each champion to see there skins.But I was thinking it would be more convenient and easier for everyone if you guys were to add a Skins Tab.

What the page would consist of
1.The page would display A list of all the champions you own.
2.Or add a Search tab that allows you to search a specific champion or skin that you own.
3.Once you click search it takes you too whatever you searched,Whether that'd be a champion you own or a specific skin you own.
4.And it could show your statistics for that champion you chose,Something in that nature.
5.Have a spotlight of the specified skin,Showing the champs detailing (Spells,emotes,ect.)
6.And if you feel you need more stuff to fill the page,Add Bio's of each champion,Short story line or something.

So,I think this is a great idea,But that's just my opinion.But if you like my idea please comment and see if riot will try it out.Honestly their's no losing in this idea,And it isn't anything that affects the game itself.It only makes things easier for everyone.Or you can add what you think should be on the champ/skin pages too.