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Gold players

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Correct me if im wrong, gold means you have a basic knowledge of the game correct? How is it that Gold is the

hardest games i have EVER played because of incompetent teammates? All I care about is a Victory at the end of

the game, i could care less if you were toxic in game, i could care less if you killed newborn babies every day

for the last 2 years, as long as you pulled your weight. BUT, what i get is a bunch of team mates, who pick

OUTSIDE of the meta and do absolutely horrible. I'd rather not play, then have a CHANCE of getting people that

dont stay as a team and fail all over the place. Silver was WAY better, easier to carry and out rotate and out


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So let's break down what you said. Is it hard because your teammates suck or are the enemy players harder all of a sudden? When ever you do good in lane what is the enemy thinking of your laning opponent(s). There is no "outside" of the meta as long as your not playing malphite adc or what ever. I main jayce top. is it a top teir pick? no, but i make it work. If you really are plat worthy you will get there But just because you FEEL like the only reason you're "stuck" in gold is because your teammates do bad does not.

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Your thinking is the problem, trust me.
It's a vicious cycle that goes like this:

You want to win -> You lose -> You tilt (therefore your gameplay is affected) -> You try again -> You lose -> You tilt -> You try again

and you get the idea. Somewhere in between, you blame your teammates. You think your teammates are bad everygame because that's what you think.

A better mindset here would be asking "What could I have done better?" Doing so, you're looking to improve and not to win BUT the wins will come naturally.

Here's a vid:

and an article: