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Diamond 3 stream with commentary

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http://www.twitch.tv/awesomechad (http://www.twitch.tv/awesomechad)
Hey guys! My stream is meant to be very informative with commentary and I highlight specific games and commentary of games so you have access to these as a viewer. I stream mostly live ranked games/replays of my games and do commentary on these games( sometimes, I may spectate a viewer's game and do constructive commentary to help them). My commentary on replays/spectator games tends to be better than my live gameplay commentary because I'm more focused on playing the game. Due to twitch's new policy with copyright infringement on music, my VODs get ruined since I do play music while I do commentary(for highlighted games, i will not have music to preserve my commentary).

If you guys need advice or tips or have questions about the game that need answering, you can message me on twitch. You can add me in-game: Awesomechad . I also interact with the chat when i stream so you can also ask me there. This is meant to be an informative stream aimed at helping you guys get better at the game.
Note: My commentary for my ranked games tend to be about higher elo tactics because it also helps me to realize what I'm doing. If you're a newer player coming into my stream, please ask specific questions about the game if you don't understand something.