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new season idea

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for season 5 you should, remove the internal elo so everyone starts on an even playing field, also should just start everyone in bronze 5 and let players climb there way to challenger instead of the high elo players wining 10 matches and starting in diamond and people with low elo wining 10 matches and starting in bronze 1 or if there lucky silver 4-5, you should removed duo queue and just keep it as it say, solo queue, just you with no help, this stops the higher elo players from elo boosting the crappy elo players to diamond when they don't even have the skills to make it that far, also stops people from paying high elo players to help them out, if you just remove the elo (this is not chess) and make it your own system example: a win gives you 20 points and a lost takes away 10 points from your total, no mater what division your in, it should always be the same, its not far that people who started season 2 or 3 with a bad elo b/c they where bad, should suffer now that they become much much better but still stuck in bronze, silver or gold (sorry for the bad grammar)