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Tips for using gnar?

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Master Recruiter


Gnar is a strong champion but i really dont know how to use it

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In lane, use your Q to last hit safely, and when you can auto, but his aa range is small compared to other champs. When you have your E and W you can trade and win most of your trades.

If you hit an auto, immediately follow with a Q for the slow and one more auto to proc your passive, then jump away.

Remember your E ALSO adds a stack of your W, so if you don't have much attack speed yet, and you're getting ganked. Auto, Q, E on the champion and you will bounce far off of the head, plus have your passive proc movespeed to escape.

Once you go Super Saiyan, you can win trades hard, even in early levels. Especially at level 6. It's really impossible to 1v1 gnar at level 6 with no interference as you can build your rage, E hop to change forms, W stun, Q and auto a little, smash them into a wall, Q and auto some more, and continue pounding face until death.