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Leaver Buster needs a few tweaks.

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So, do you ever get disconnected, no warnings, no bug splat, just game goes ka-put?

Well, I have, several times actually.

Then I get the periodic emergency that comes up, I go idle for 5 minutes and come back.

This is actually rare that I got an emergency, maybe once a month.

But what happens?

I suppose the ka-put and the going idle together make leaver buster see red and ban me.

Ok, so I know I'm banned, the time period is not too difficult to deal with.

My problems with Leaver buster:

If I go idle for a few minutes, I get considered leaving the game, but then I come back. 90% of the time, I come back to a win.

If you are idle or the screen goes ka-put entirely, and you RECONNECT to the game, I think leaver buster should consider it a weighted leave, like if someone leaves and does not come back, thats considered a 1 point in the ban direction, if they come back and don't feed(basically, noone reports them), a .5, if they are reported, a .75.

Do I think making it a point that "leaving is bad" is needed? yes.

Wait, isn't there a report option for leaving/AFK?

Why not let the tribunal decide the fates of those who continually leave?

Leaver Buster is a good idea, but the tribunal has a human element that can say, ok, this player left 3 times in a week, but came back and the team was happy with him ... Pardon.

or: ohh this guy raged quite 3 games and fed, punish

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I should say that I think leaver buster is a good idea, but I also think it needs to be less aggressive and compensate for time away from games, like if I only play 2 games a day, don't ban me because 4 days ago, I left 1 game for an emergency