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A Game for every one on GD

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Destiny Foxy:
This should not be more than one small paragraph

Ha ha I don't care.


Gangplank slowly trudged along the path to Demacia. The world in front of him was a blur. What had he been doing to put him on this road? He didn't know, but he kept walking. He wasn't even sure how far back he had to go before his memories were true. A week? A month? All he knew is that he had to keep walking.

Then something stopped him. It was a sound. It was the sound of a young girl crying. It shook him from his reverie, and forced him to take in the world more clearly. A brick road in front of him. A lush forest on either side. And somewhere, the sound of crying. Perhaps someone had been robbed? The forest offered plenty of opportunities for ambushing someone walking the road.

Gangplank veered off the road to the left to search for the source of the crying. The sound forced his legs onward; he didn't know why, but he was determined to reach the sound. After a minute's walk, he did. It was indeed a small girl crying. Her face and arms were pressed against a tree. From behind, Gangplank could see she had big white pigtails and wore a lot of armor. On the ground beside her lay a hammer that, for her size, would be considered quite large. Gangplank approached her, but she was too absorbed in her pity to notice him. So he spoke up.

"Arr, why ye be cryin' young lass?"

Gangplank's voice surprised the girl, and she turned around in haste. Looking face to face now (though the girl barely came up to Gangplank's waist), Gangplank's suspicions were confirmed: this had to be the young yordle ambassador called Poppy.

"Hey, you're the one they call Gangplank, aren't you?"

"Arr, that be me. And by the looks o' things, yer Poppy, ain'tcha?"

"Yeah. So what, are you going to rob me now? I mean, you're a pirate, so what else would you be doing here? 'Raid and pillage' and all that."

"Hold yer horses there landlubber," Gangplank told her as he hunkered down to put himself even with Poppy, "I just wanna know why ye be cryin' up a monsoon."

Poppy blushed, "It's silly."

Gangplank turned his head to the sky and told her, "Arr! Ye can tell a pirate anythin' bein' on yer mind. We've sailed the world over; we've seen it all! So pirates be havin' the solution to all yer problems!"

Poppy mumbled something beneath her breath.

"Eh? Couldn't hear ye there."

"I'm crying because of my mana issues."


"Yeah, Nidalee is always telling me about her cougar form. Her spells don't cost anything! And every time I go to Ryze to ask for advice, he just tells me to build a Tear! He says it like anybody can get away with it! What kind of mage does that, just sticks to one build over and over again... a ****ty one, that's who!" Poppy's eyes went wide and her hand shot to her mouth; she was obviously startled by what she had said, "Oops. My my, I didn't know I had that kind of language in me. My father would be mortified if he could see me using words like that."

Gangplank smiled, "Just do what a pirate does!"

"Which is?"

"What kind of mage does that? A scurvy one, that's who!"

Poppy was surprised at herself, but she managed to smile at that, "You pirates sure talk weird."

"And as for mana problems," Gangplank barked a big pirate laugh, "I know the feelin' all too well, me lass. If I didn't have a mana refund, I couldn't even be farmin' fer more than a few minutes at a time. Have ye told yer summoner to be tryin' some mana regen runes and masteries? Those be helpin' sustain me in my darkest times."

Poppy's smile had dropped, "I tried that, but it's not enough. My mana costs are just too high!"

"Arr! They can't be that bad, can they? What are yer mana costs?"

Poppy told him.

Gangplank wasn't sure what to say. "Oh my. I thought I had it bad. I'm sure you'll be findin' a way of fixin' yer problem if ye just keep an open mind about how ye fight, and what equipment ye be buyin'."

Poppy could only sit down and stare at the ground, "I just keep thinking about my last match."

"Well... how did it go?"

Poppy's face brightened up suddenly, "Oh, it went really well! There were a bunch of high HP enemies, so my summoner bought me a Trinity Force, and a Blade of the Ruined King, and I got a lot of wall slams, and I felt really powerful, you know?"

Gangplank nodded. I know the feelin' when I be havin' me Shiv and the Edge of Infinity...

"But... but," Poppy's energy faded as suddenly as it had come, "now I'm afraid I'm going to be nerfed."

"Arr, one good game won't be gettin' ye any nerfs! And I'm sure ye be havin' a loyal base o' summoners that know all your ins and outs. Everyone in the League does."

"Yeah... I guess you're right."

"You know, ye remind me of someone I once knew. But that be a story for another day. Come, let's get out o' this here forest before someone be comin' along and shankin' us. Though if they used a Shiv of the Statikk variety, I wouldn't say no to a chance ter be plunderin' that beauty for meself."

He offered Poppy his hand. She looked at it. Finally, someone else with mana problems. Finally, someone else who understands my pain. He was an easy person to talk to, and the way he spoke brought a smile to her face. Galio was a good companion, and she was thankful for the refuge he had once provided her, but at the end of the day, he was just a statue, really. And at the end of the day, he could buy chalice. Poppy shuddered a bit at that thought, and reached for Gangplank's hand. Why not? The worst that can happen is he steals everything I own and murders me.

Gangplank helped her to her feet, and they began to walk together towards the road Gangplank had come from. "Let's talk more on the way, shall we?" Gangplank said. For the first time in a long time, he wasn't alone. Perhaps with Poppy's help, he could explain to the world who he really was. Perhaps he could justify the killing of his father, and honor the one friend he had had so long ago.

Little did either Gangplank or Poppy realize, the fate of the entire world was about to be placed in their hands...

To be continued... (lol not)