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How to pull a lane?

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Alright, well I've been trying to learn about how the lane pushes and freezing a lane. Watched a lot of youtube videos. But couldn't find anything on pulling a lane towards you. I play nasus a lot so if there is something I don't know about pulling a lane that you guys can help me with, I would appreciate it.

The only way few ways I know of having a lane pull towards you is, your just last hitting and your opponent is hitting more often than you. I also sacrifice creep score by not hitting at all so the minion wave pushes to my tower. Sometimes I will bait them to hitting the minions. Example, I'll be playing nasus against riven. I'll go in for a last hit and when riven comes to attack me, I'll make sure I'm standing or kite her to my minions so riven also hits my minions too. I know pushing the minions all the way to the tower will reset it back to the middle. Is there any other ways to pull a lane back?

There has been a few times where the lane freezes under there tower and its not safe for me to farm there so I have to farm jungle till the lane pushes back. So any tips would be appreciated.

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one way i do this is i autoattack the enemy laner once to draw creep aggro, then i retreat, bringing the creeps with me. but this is dangerous if you're playing a weak laner like nasus vs a strong one like riven. i only do this with ranged champs or against champs that won't 100-0 me if i trade 1 autoattack

otherwise, another way is let the enemy totally clear 1 wave, then tank the minions right outside the turret instead of letting them reach the turret and die to it. then your minions will arrive to take the aggro and you can start farming them. clear that wave as slowly as possible to maintain that position.

it's hard to explain with words so look for videos on youtube about lane freezing, there should be plenty around. one specific series is the unswlolsoc tutorial videos, they go into depth on a lot of things, likely including what you're looking for.

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If you are the first one to lane (it's easiest to do top, near impossible for me bot) and you are there when minions are walking, go to the other side and draw minion aggro on yourself. Walk into the middle bush and the enemy minions will all focus ONE minion of yours. The concentrated minion fire will kill off one of your minions before one of the enemies dies, which means overall your minions do less damage and that causes a slow push into yourself, and if you are really good at last hitting at the very last possible second then you can freeze it for a long time until the enemy laner decides to shove it.