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Death chart in need of major update

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This is pretty short and simple and I dont believe it needs much describing. The death chart is probably the only thing that hasnt been updated in years and while some people dont even bother looking at it there's others like me who try and use it to figure out what they need to build against a little bit.

From damage types being obviously wrong (ex: pantheons spear doing mixed damage) to the chart telling me I did 3 true damage to myself as lucian instead of telling me how much the enemy lee and/or akali did. Even somethings that aren't coded correctly and have no icon so you have no clue what it came from. The death chart is just a complete mess and needs to be fixed.

I can't imagine it would be that hard to show each person that did damage to you and what from instead of just limiting it to 3 sources max from 3 people max. Even if it would be to much to show all of it at least fix the silly things like telling me i did 3 true damage to myself when I cant think of a situation where thats possible aswell as the missing icons/names for some things.