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How to Archive Your Thread

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Summoner Wyerden is a lovely human being that deserves everyone's attention, for here they've crafted a guide to help everyone keep their thread/rps alive without losing their work. Copy/paste incoming.

"Hello People of the Official Roleplaying Forum,

I know that my influence here is from the distant past, but with the end the current roleplaying system looming, I was hoping that I might be able to help those of you who want to keep a record of your efforts. Personally, I know that I'd be devastated to see my very original work lost, so I've built a guide on creating a personal archive of any thread (or website in general) that you wish. I hope this can help at least a few of you make the transition to whatever new form of roleplaying you choose (Riot sanctioned or otherwise) a little bit more comfortably.


Keep writing!

~A Cryophoenix from another world, Wyerden"

If you wanna go personally thank them, here's the original thread in the rp forum.