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Hy'Dros' Babysitter

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Before I start this forum post, Hy'Dros is a Voidbor-Iceborn champion because he is also part Iceborn because of Gregor. Now to the actual story

On a cold night at Freljord, Hy'Dros' mother Ashe and his dad Tryndamere had to go to some important Freljord thingso they had to hire a babysitter because as you know, a Voidborn with Iceborn powers cannot be alone or else they will wreck stuff. They looked at all the babysitters available, Hy'Dros wanted his good friend Yasuo to babysit him. They couldn't chose Yasup because he wasn't there and he didn't know where Freljord was. So they went to the next best source, Elise!

When Elise came, she actually knew how to navigate without Hy'Dros tapping in to her mind. After getting the instructions, she took Hy'Dros to the Food and Play room of the castle. "Come on play," said Elise, "You have all these toys, but why don't you use them?" (Just to let you know, Hy'Dros can only spit when he is not in someone's mind) "Ptt pttt pttttttt" spat Hy'Dros. What is this kid saying, said Elise in her mind. "You know I can hear you," spoke Hy'Dros in her mind. Elise felt a spine-chilling... you know what I'm saying. "Duh, you never knew I could read minds, I'm a champion you know?!" said Hy'Dros.

Two hours later...

Elise gotten really tired from playing around, and then Hy'Dros tapped into her mind again. "Did you know I hate spiders? I heard you can turn into one, so try not to, I get scared easily and I'm not allowed to transform in the castle," said Hy'Dros. Elise rolled her eyes. Ashe called Elise and said, "We're gonna be gone for a couple of days, and Hy'Dros is scared of the dark because of this sI'In creature. SO you have to tuck him into bed and stay with him and hug him to! Bye!" "Oh goodness" said Elise

The End! I will actually have a post on Hy'Dros