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First Tournament ever!Please read :)

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Hi everyone,I wanted to start by saying,Thank you for taking the time read my post,About a month ago I created a website for Non-Toxic League of Legend players to converse,Trade skills,Utilize the site's TeamSpeak server,and to Have a place in being or watching our Tournaments,And allot of other stuff.What I wanted to really say was that,I am hosting a small 2v2 tournament placed in The Howling Abyss(Aram) this Monday at 5:30 PM Pacific Time.I wanted to know if you were interested in watching FuzzyGames (My) first tournament.It won't be too long of a tournament and you' have the opportunity to speak to other viewers through our Team Speak server.The biggest part of this tournament is of course for people to have fun and win prizes but for me it is simply feedback,I want to know from you if I did terribly on my event or if you enjoyed it or if you have any tips on what I should do next tournament,and of course if you want to just simply talk to other people about whatever you want.I would really appreciate the feedback and the views.

Tournament/Teamspeak details:

Time and Date:Monday,6th at 5:40PM Pacific Time (US-Canada)
Prizes:Members of the winning team will receive 10 dollars (1380 RP) Card codes.
Amount of Teams and size of teams:Three teams are competing,Each team consists of two players.
Teams playing:Nefarious,FGS,And Cloud9
TeamSpead Server address:FuzzyGames.enjinvoice.com
Team Divisions:All are random Divisions,So this will make it a bit more interesting.
Website Link:http://www.fuzzygames.enjin.com
Stream Channel:Twitch.tv/fuzzzygames had to place another z in fuzzy,Fuzzygames was already taken...
Will this be streamed:Yes

Please share this event with friends and family,The more viewers means more feedback which I would really appreciate.So please,Share on Facebook,Twitter,Or were ever you can,It would help a great deal,Thank you again for your time.