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So i have a quick question about some adc's...

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The thing with adc's is if they don't have an escape or something to dodge with, they have range. Reason why kog is played but doesn't have an escape and reason why champions like ashe and varus are rarely played (although i do love playing varus). I personally think that the only reason champs like ashe and varus are played are because they have a cc ult. other than that, there range is useless minus 1 skill on each. and When getting ganked, you better have flash ready...

I just think there there should be a small rework on some adc's so that we can tone down the ones that are overused and give the other ones a chance to shine.

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Robot Beat Rally

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When they reworked sivir she was totally playable for a minute, then they were like oh dang... we don't want sivir to be playable... and they nerfed her in the next patch. too bad so sad