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Not sure if this goes here, but players like this how aren't they banned?

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I Meowkai I




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Naming and shaming on the forums aren't aloud. No worries though, simply remove the image and do the following.

Quietly report him and he will be checked out by Riot. Believe me, they are doing something about it. Just visit this forum time to time and see the atrocity!

Otherwise if you feel that strongly; click "SUPPORT" at the top right of this screen and submit a ticket.

Be very concise and specific. Make sure you mention the time and date of the incident with a small explanation. Of course Riot will not share the details of their actions and expect a copy paste thank you in about 4 business days.

Good luck.

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I agree. Statements such as that are uncalled for, no matter how upset someone is.

I'd be happy if they were banned from the internet, or at the very least the game. But if you don't care about your accounts, you can just keep making new ones, and that's depressing.