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Chat Restriction after a completing game

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Junior Member


Ok I agree I have been toxic, I got a 14 day ban

And I turned it all around after my ban that ended September 24th

I paid my dues and kept my mouth shut after i Completed my chat restriction there goes another 40 games of chat restriction

Maybe its real chat restriction ban or maybe its the system... but i really thought I improved, I would love some feedback on what I actually did wrong so I can stop doing it

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Senior Member


Hey man,

No no, you're already improving.

I'm super glad to hear that you're redeeming yourself to avoid further punishments. I know it sucks, but there is one final step to get rid of these chat bans--it's easy.

Simply show Riot you're improving by saying nice things. "Glhf!", "nice play", "well done" and so on are examples. You're limited what do say so just use it with nice things before you perhaps feel frustrated.

If let's say you had 15 game bans, then it drops to 11 more after; that means Riot has evaluated your positive improvement and issued less. Eventually that tally will reach 0 and you're good to go.

Honestly coming from someone who can find it hard to ignore *******s, just don't give in and let them win. Simply ignore him and think about that next minion wave coming in--don't miss a CS!

Good luck to you man, and maybe we'll bump into each other on the Rift.