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Advice on Zed (REPLAY)

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wondering if anyone has the time to go through this replay and highlight flaws in how I was playing.


any items I should've gotten over others, at what point should I have gotten boots, was I farming too little, too much, was I roaming enough.

If you found something specific can you tell me the time that it happened.
-PS: I've already looked at the 4 deaths I had and looked how I could've handled the fights better, so focusing on those might be a waste of time for you. More looking on what I could've been doing to further my team's advantage, what could I do to be more efficient in the game

also note that past a certain point (when I had 11 kills or so) I was trying to just run around and kill people because they were about to surrender and I wanted to see what I could do. Ended up dying for it :c

any help would be appreciated, it's rare I get a game that I feel I played near what I feel my skill level is, so looking at what I could improve on a game where I did my best helps more than looking at a game where I was really tired/not focused at all. thank you.