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Rumble vs Darius

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Tickle mom

Junior Member


i have decided to buy one of these 2 top laners to play, and was wondering with one is better at the silver elo right now and a list of pro's and con's for both champs. help would be highly appreciated!

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Senior Member


Rumble is hard to use, but very good in teamfights, but his early game isn't as good, but if he gets fed his late game is insane, because of his aoe damage and ofc his TeamFights are insane.

Darius is really good early game, but late game he falls off, since he has no escapes, he can be poked down, and he doesn't scale very well, but if he gets fed early, he's a monster late, but if you don't build full Ad on darius then he is useless late game and instead building tank, which won't be very effective if he is fed early.

But whoever you prefer, rumble is good for TeamFights and he scales late game

Darius is good early, but falls off late game.

anyways gl on choosing one, both are good, it's just based on your playstyle.