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LF> Ranked Team

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Junior Member


Hey guys. I am looking for a team to do 5v5 with. I am currently Gold II right now climbing that Elo Hell (lel wut) and looking for a team before season ends to see how far we can go, and if things work out, continue in the next season.

I do not get pissed easily (Happens though, I calm down by looking at pictures of baby pandas...boiling in hot oil).
I am good with every roll, exceptionally good with carry roles though, (Mid is my highest won lane, ADC is my preferred role when I know my support). I highly dislike top and support (unless I go vayne/cait top).
I have room for improvement and I am extremely adorably nice.
My Summoner name is obvious so if you'd like me on your team, do let me know in game or reply to the post.

Thanks for stopping by