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Penguin Champion [Original concept art]

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Hello everyone, it's Tony again. I'm currently in the process of preparing for my Riot internship portfolio, and here is another original champion. I would love to get some feedback from you all!

This is still a work in progress, so any suggestions will be awesome

His name currently is DoDo (feel free to suggest another name).
I remember seeing someone saying" Imagine a penguin champion waddling after you, it would horrifying and hilarious at the same time", I just can't get that imagine out of my head, a little penguin coming out of the jungle to gank you? I think that is totally awesome! There are so many "serious" champions right now, I want DoDo to be a happy little penguin and bring some humor to the field of justice. He is clumsy, but strong, DoDo's got heart and he is very ambitious. His optimistic attitude towards life and never giving up can always brighten people's day.

I'm not a good writer at all, but here is a summary of the story I have so far. DoDo was born in a fighter's tribe in Freljord. Ever since he was a kid, DoDO had always wanted to be a hero and he had always dreamed to fly one day. He wanted to become the next Anivia. As a kid, Dodo spent all of his time collecting feathers and taping them on to his little so-called wings and try to fly. He had failed and fell on his face at least twice a day, but he never gave up. He just collected more feathers and started working out his upper body strength more. Time gone by, all the kids his age are now hunting and becoming the fighters of their tribe. Except for DoDo, who's still trying to fly. Everyone in the tribe thinks DoDo is a fool and is no use to the tribe. The leader of the tribe kicked DoDo out, saying " how could someone that can't even walk properly ever be able to fly?" and sarcastically said DoDo could return when he could do either. DoDo was sad, but happy at the same time that now he gets to collect all the other types of bird feathers outside of Freljord. After hearing stories about a great inventor from some yordles, DoDo came to Heimerdinger and hoping he could help him. DoDo's ambition and hardwork moved Heimerdinger and he decided to make DoDo something awesome. With the new hextech wings, DoDo is now able to fly a little distance at a time. DoDO returned home to see his people. They are not impressed at all. They are asking how good are the wings if the person can't even fight. They said DoDo would only be accepted if he can beat all the greatest fighters of Freljord and fly higher than Anivia, or when he can walk properly. Wanting to helping his tribe and be recognized, and he wanted to go on another adventurer, DoDo is now headed to the League of Legend.

The abilities I have so far are that, he is on a fuel system. Most of his abilities will cost fuel.

Fly and Bomb( could be ult):
He can fly for a short distance. He is flying at the height of Tristana's max jump height. This allows him to fly above champions and over walls. When abilities ends, or reactivated, DoDo will stop the jet engine and slam down onto enemies in AOE and knock them up. Imagine his saying "woops" or something like that because he is still new to flying. DoDo takes no damage from the fall because he is good at it. He had fell on to his face many many times haha

Jet in your face:
DoDo can aim his jet engines at enemies or structure. If it hits structure, he will be pushed towards the opposite side. If he hits an enemy, the enemy will take damage and be pushed back.

I will come up with more abilities later, or you guys can help me out!

I want the main game play of DoDo to be fun. His walking/ running animation should be hilarious, so when he comes out of the jungle to gank, it would be supper funny. I just want a hilarious penguin champion. DoDo wanting to fly was just on of the ideas, if you have a better one, let me know.

Please let me know what you think!
Thanks everyone!

for bigger image: