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Should Riot add an Undo button for RP/IP purchases?

Yes, it literally helps only the people that made honest mistakes. 4 100%
No, even though people couldn't abuse it to buy, test, refund. 0 0%
Voters 4 .

Undo RP Purchases Within a Minute?

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My Story: HONESTLY ACCIDENTALLY bought Kha'Zix with RP instead of IP... really out of it middle of night etc etc etc... had enough IP to buy him, intended to buy with IP.. bought with RP on accident. Wanted to INSTANTLY refund within seconds after purchase. Why can that window of opportunity not be added? a simple 1 minute or maybe a lil' longer undo button for silly mistakes such as the one on summoners rift?

Okay... We need to add a system for refunding things bought with RP that is EXACTLY like the undo button in-game at the gold shop. (~5 minute time-frame from time of buying to ensure nobody goes and plays with it in a game before refunding(obviously a game cant end within ~5 minutes as its 20 to surrender)

This is for people that have purchased something with the incorrect currency and get totally screwed because of having no more precious refund-tokens(which i've seen stated by multiple riot employees are intended for people returning merchandise that they have used and regret buying)
There needs to be a timer that goes anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes(game cannot be over before 5 minutes and most likely can't even be started before 1, to ensure the person did not try out the content they wish to be refunded)

The only profit margins that this would hurt for Riot are the ones that come from HONEST mis-buy mistakes with wrong currencies.. nobody can buy a champ/skin, test it, and refund it with this system.

It's time you start being fair Riot. How could you have not thought of this already?