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So, seeing as I've been playing ARAM alot, I thought I'd discuss starting items.

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Big Dirty Deuce



ADC (pickaxe+longsword+pots) build into sanguine blade after death. unless im on ezreal then I take tear and longsword build into manamune

Support really depends on which one your playing.. If I get thresh I build bruiser (health+damage) and some team items like frozen heart or Locket. then for blitz i usually just go full ap (lich bane+deathfire grasp) Max burst.

Tank (Guardian horn or whatever is a great item if you use it effectively especially on voli+rammus or someone that can use the speed buff to his advantage) Then I take some hp pots. Then whoever your playing as really factors what your next item will be.

AP (Chalice+ampylifying tome+pots) Almost always. Or a dorans ring.