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So everyone encounters trolls. I encounter them a lot >.> I get frustrated when I have to read what they say or hear them spam pings cuz they are muted. Its frustrating when trolls want to destroy a game because they dont like the skin someone has or dislikes when someone picks vel support cuz they are good at it. But why are there so many?

Honestly there are 3 reasons (im going to cover) that there are so many trolls in LoL.

1. There are too many children.
No im not saying children to describe maturity (while that would still apply) but legit children. So this means kids who think they know what to do when to do it and how to do it and when it doesnt get done, they rage and ***** and complain and cry and start a fight in all chat. Kinda like im doing right now minus the all chat... (example) (yes i realize that mostly describes maturity but lets overlook that fact)

2. There are too many people who are hardass.
Yes i finally said it. Too many people think they can go into a game and say "mid or feed." Dude you might have had AWESOME games mid, or you might be tired of people going heimy mid and finish the 30 minute game with 100CS. Or perhaps you just love being able to roll Zed and just say your pro then go 7/13/2, but dont be that kind of dick... This brings the morale of EVERYONE down and YES it causes you to lose the game. (omg facts from season 2: Those who are more positive in games have a better winning average)

Honestly if you play against a troll, REPORT THEM! Dont threaten them with reporting the not do it. That just throws you under the same category except worse because your troll attempt (trying to scare them to stop being ******bags) DIDNT WORK but pissed them off MORE! If your going to report someone and feel the need to say "im reporting you" then mute their ass, play the game, and finally (the part half the people fail to do) REPORT THEM AT END GAME! Riot doesnt have time to go thru every single game chat and watch every single game to look for trolls... thats why there is that magical report button.

And with this NEW System, ranked trolls will be forced to play normals until their behavior either improves or they just get banned flat out. This is another reason to just keep your mouth shut, mute them, and report them. Dont go arguing in All Chat. (see point 1)

This is a message provided by the LoL JIRK and was made with much love, concern, and a little sarcasm (please re-read the thread and leave your "you're and idiot who sucks at LoL" comments below!)


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true story... tho your probably taking too much frustration out in game too...