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Honestly, the client is so hit and miss.

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The client, entirely on its own just made me lose my promotion series to Plat. I was 2-2 in my series, and this happens so I have to redo the entire thing. It's REALLY frustrating and beyond inconvenient.

First I queue, accept the queue get into champ select and this happens:

http://imgur.com/KfKyHhz (http://imgur.com/KfKyHhz)

I'm able to talk to my team mates, but I didn't see the bans go through at all and no one at all was picking a champion after already being in the champion select screen for a minute or two. I've had this problem on and off - it happening in my promotion series is just really unfair to me.

As the picture clearly depicts I can talk to my team-mates so this isn't a problem on my end in regard of network connection or anything. I'm able to use skype and other programs that require internet just fine while this is happening.