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Twisting The Fates (Rap)

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Kerine Walker



Hello all!

I have never posted on these forums before, and I hope I did this right.

I know Riot loves having fan creations in their community, so I gave it a shot.

This is my original rap, dedicated to my favorite champion.

The wheels of Fate are turning,
With red buff a burning,
I'll leave you yearning,
To escape my stun,
But as long as the sun,
Is high, you'll never escape.

I'm hunting you down,
It's in your Destiny,
I don't need a support to rescue me,
I'll hit you with a card... Flash,
And now you're dead,
Back to the Red,
To refill my ammunition,
I am a death magician,
Here's the trick to my game,
Cheater's always win, Fate's the name.

I'll see you around,
Pick-A-Card, I'll double down,
Malcom Graves? That man's a clown,
Call him Shako,
If you chase me into the jungle, I'll fake-Oh by the way,
Your luck ran out,
That's what I'm about,
Gypsy wandering,
Fate pondering,
What's that behind you,
Where's the potions you've been squandering?
Too bad, hit the trail, taste my Wild Card,
Oh are you crying? Did I Smite you too hard?
Run from me if you can, I've got a stacked deck,
Loaded Dice, and Golden Cards.

Are you irate, I chased you down with my Gate,
And slapped you with the Blade Of The Ruin King,
I'm in the victor's circle, the Blue summoner's ring,
Back to the shop to pick up one more thing,
Something to help kill the Dragon, I saw the Ping,
Strap on a Gaurdian Angel, I got that Trinity Force,
My way into your Nexus, filling you with Furor,
Betrayed by Evelynn, she's a horor,
Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm the one to blame.
After all, I'm just a gamblin' man, and card's the game.

If you stand Statikk I'll shiv you from behind with my,Ultimate Gank,
Your treading on thin ice, better walk the plank,
Unless you want to fight my Gang...

Time to hit the trail, cuz' I'm always on the move,
I've got one more rhyme, and I hope you approve...
I'll move so fast, I'll leave your head Twisted,
The name's Fate in case you missed it.