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Nautilus League Judgement

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Doctor Dyment

Junior Member


Now, I know this has been done before. But I want to put my spin on it. I love Nautilus, and I love his character. I like playing as him, and the New Dawn cinematic told me how large he really is. But I do not like how Riot has ignored the lore of a character that they could build so much more lore off of. Now granted, I know that they have been hard at work on things like Sion's rework and the new lore re-build, but if Riot won't put out something about my favorite man in metal, I will. Without further stalling, here it is.


A great heavy trudging can be heard throughout the Great Hall. The sound of metal striking the stone floor is very distinct and noticeable. Nautilus is an extremely large creature. His massive height only being made larger being inside the metal suit. On one arm rests an enormous anchor, partially rusted and covered in dried salt water. A chain is linked the the top of the anchor, and it leads into a place inside one of Nautilus's metal shoulder pads.

A faint light shines through the kinks in his suit, but his facial visor is dark. Only a pair of dark glowing red eyes peer out, staring only ever forward. He moves towards the door, slowly, but steadily. He looks the door up and down. He sees magical runes and inscriptions littered over the stone, but he does not read them. He has a single goal in mind, use the Institute of War to find and punish those who let him die.


The room is completely dark. Nautilus steps inside, anchor still planted firmly on his shoulder. Once he is completely inside, the door closes behind him. Nautilus turns to look at the door, then turns back.

He finds himself on a boat. No, not a boat, a very large ship. He looks around. On either side of the wooden deck he is surrounded by crystal blue water. He immediately is confronted by someone, not as large as him but not that much shorter. A friend perhaps? Time has a way of making faces drift away with the ebbing tides. The man speaks to him.

"Nautilus, we haven't found anything yet. I'm beginning to think this ocean has nothing to offer but bands of roaming pirates."

Nautilus thinks for a moment, then replies.

"Let us hope that those same pirates don't try to attack us." Nautilus is dumbstruck. His voice... it is clear. He can speak fluently, and his voice is not overly drawn out and longing. He can think clearly, his thoughts not clouded by... by what? He can't quite remember. He gazes down at his hands, and finds skin darkened by a large amount of time out in the blazing sunlight.

All of the sudden, a shrill voice calls out from high above the ship.


A rough, loud voice replies to it.

"Well what is it then? We are to report anything unusual out here." It is the captain. He wears a bright red hat outlined in a dark black. His torso is covered in a light coat, with the sleeves torn just below the biceps. He wears a plain white undershirt that is covered in sweat from the hot afternoon sun.

"I don't know what it is," Cries the shrill voice back. "It looks like... black sludge. And it's covered the whole ocean!"

"Well, what are we waiting for then? Those magic users at the Institute of War wanted SOMETHING, let's give 'em something!" The ship picks up speed, the sails unfurl and the wood creaks. It moves at full speed at the dark ooze in the distance.

The scene instantly speeds up to a few days later. Nautilus looks out at the water, once strikingly crystal clear blue, has turned to a thick black sludge that the ship can barely move in. Nautilus looks at this fellow sailors. They all seem tense and their eyes show fright and unrest. Even the captain, a powerful fearless man, seems slightly unnerved by the strange liquid that had replaced the water. Nautilus hears a familiar voice. He turns to see his friend. He still cannot quite remember his names. All their faces and names just blur together. His friend walks up to him, slightly shorter than usual.

"You really are a brave man Nautilus. No one else is willing to put on the diving suit, and you step forward to take it without so much as a twinge of fear in your eye. I wish I could be as brave as you are."

Something is wrong.

No, no. Something is going to happen. Something bad, something very bad. It is going to happen soon. But what was it... WHAT WAS IT? The memories... so faint... how.. can anyone remember anything?

Nautilus grips the side of the rail, and drops his lower body overboard. No sooner has he done this, then something large and powerful grabs a hold of the man. It pulls, but Nautilus holds on. The ship rocks to one side, then the other. The other sailors on the ship look at each other with looks of pure terror. They don't want to meet whatever is in the water, and they all simultaneously look at Nautilus. One sailor screams,

"WHATEVER IT IS, IT WANTS HIM! LET IT HAVE HIM!" The other sailors nod in agreement. As they move to Nautilus's hands, the captain tries to stop them.

"You can't just leave a fellow man to die to save yourself! HELP HIM YOU COWARDS!" Nautilus's friend. The only one he can still faintly remember, speaks up as well.

"You can't just let him drop! HE'S MY FRIEND AND ALL OF YOURS TOO!" The other sailors either do not hear the two shouting men or choose not to. All they see is how Nautilus is causing the ship to threaten to tip over into the ooze. Nautilus looks up at them with pleading eyes. He begs, begs for his life. Asking his fellow man to help him when he needs it most. And with one last cry, they wrench his grip free from the side of this ship.

He is being pulled down by... something. He grabs at the ship's anchor is desperation, hoping to give him some glimmer of hope as to escape. But the anchor breaks free of its own chain. Nautilus sinks towards the ocean floor. The once great ship becoming a faint outline. The once blazingly bright sun, being reduced to a faint glow. And everything turns to darkness.

Nautilus awakes on the ocean floor. He looks around. He is deep in the ocean, deep in the sunless ocean. He stands up. He remembers being on a ship. Something in the dark ooze grabbing him. And... those who he thought as friends wrenching his grip free. Nautilus is instantly consumed with immense anger. They left him to die. No one came to his rescue. No.. someone tried to. Who though? He can't.. quite... remember. He hears a familiar voice speak to him.

"Hello Nautilus." The weight of the ocean is instantly relieved, and Nautilus spins around to face the one who spoke to him. It was the man. The man who he tried so hard to remember. The man who tried to help him. Nautilus speaks, his voice once again his own.

"What happened... Why... why didn't you do more to help me?" The man chuckles, but not in a good way. He walks closer to Nautilus.

"Why would I want to help you Nautilus? You are nothing more than a hulking man inside of a metal diving suit. Who would want to be friends with you? A dark creature? A monster?"

Nautilus is consumed in utter rage. He takes a step forward, then another one. The ocean is becoming extremely heavier by the step. It is almost as if the ocean is trying to halt his progress. But the weight is nothing compared to his anger. Nautilus shouts.

"Monster? You think I am a MONSTER? I NEVER WANTED TO BE THIS WAY!" Nautilus cannot contain his anger anymore. He swings his anchor at the man, who turns into a plume of smoke. He reappears behind Nautilus. Nautilus turns and swings again, but his enemy has already vanished again.

"WHY DO YOU RUN?" The thought of being so close to even one of the men who condemned him to his fate, and not being able to punish him infuriates Nautilus.

The man appears again, and speaks.

"Why do you want to join the League Nautilus?"

"TO PUNISH THE MEN WHO LEFT ME TO DIE!" Nautilus shouts at the man.

Nautilus is about to speak again, when he realizes something. He has already done this before. He has already been sent to the bottom of the sea. He has already been robbed of his life. He has already lost his humanity. His anger clears, something that has never happened before. Nautilus wasn't always the smartest on this ship, but he wasn't a fool.

"You... would have me relive the worst moments of my life? You would have me relive the moment when my life was stolen from me? You are not the man who stands before me." Nautilus's anger began to swell again. His "friend" took a step backward.

"Oh really now? Now what makes you so sure?" Nautilus takes another step forward. His memories start to become less faint.

"I know, because you have become the one man who tried to defend me." He takes another step forward. "I know because I remember entering the hall and opening the doors to this horrible place." Another step. He was now nearly touching the man. "And I know, because this man," He points at the man. "Would never betray me."

The two stand, looking at each other. The strange man, the one man Nautilus can make out the face of, stares into Nautilus's eyes. Or rather deep into his dark visor. He then says,

"How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

Nautilus stands upright, no longer staring at the man who he once called friend. He turns his back to the man, and begins walking away. But before he starts walking, he says one thing.

"It makes me feel... angry." Nautilus turns around to look at the man again, but he is gone. The once dark ocean has become a room again. Nautilus turns again. "I will not stop, not rest, until I find the guilty. And when I do, they will pay for what they have done to me." With that, Nautilus leaves the chamber.

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lol dont mean to be an ass but there is a league anymore XD

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Doctor Dyment

Junior Member


Yeah I know, but I just wanted to do this. I've been thinking about this for a while and I just needed it to be done so I could think of other ridiculous things.