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Sion, the Son of Noxus

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In honor of Sion's rework, I decided to make out a little bit of a tribute story for him based on his Reborn trailer. By the way, some of the scene may be disturbing to others. This is about a war after all.

Chapter One: Glory

Characters: Sion, Urgot, General Mar, Grand General Darwill, LeBlanc, King Jarvan, and Crownguard
The sound of boots on stone and dirt was drowned out only by the barking of orders and the sound of siege bombardments. As soldiers ran to their posts at double time, their commanders and generals telling them to go faster and prepare for the siege, civilians were ordered to stay indoors and out of the way of the soldiers. From above the ground, the scouts in watchtowers called out the enemy's position, armaments, number, and formation.

To many, it was end of a great nation of strength, the enemy we have been at war with since the very beginning right at our doorstep, prepared to destroy us once and for all. To others, it was the end of the world itself. To a few, it was our final stand against them as men...

I marched toward my general and threw the soldiers he was ordering aside. "General Mar!" I shouted, silencing his barking orders. "I volunteer to be in the strike force!" I demanded.

My general looked straight at me with a glare. "There is no strike force Commander. We are barring the gates and preparing for the siege. If these Demacian dogs want us, we will make them fight and bleed for every step they take!" He replied with the same tone he had used during the time he was an instructor. No matter how many years I've known the man, he was still able to make me falter.
But not this time...

"General! You cannot be serious! Did the Grand General truly order us to cower behind our gates and wait for-"

"We are outnumber ten to one you bastard! If I thought we could fight them, do you believe I would give such an order!?" My general interrupted with a heated tone, but also with a panicked tone. He was confused of what to do, and afraid of what was to come when they finally broke through and began to flood in on us.

The grip on my axe tightened, and I bellowed out in outrage. "Then let us who are willing to fight go forth and fight! We refuse to cower behind walls while the enemy is so close!"

"And who will lead them? We have too few men as is, and many of them aren't even trained recruits!" My general said, his anger rising and sounding as though on the verge of calling for my head.

I step forward and take hold of my anger, my rage, and save it for the enemy. "I will lead them to battle." I replied with a salute. "If you will not let me fight, I will tear down the gates myself to get at the enemy. I would rather die in the field of battle than to die like a cornered animal."

General Mar, his face a furious red, was stopped from speaking when another voice called out. "Let them go." And all of us turned to see who it was. It was Grand General Boram Darkwill himself. He was no doubt here to give one final speech to the men about how we would fight to the last against the Demacians, but we would fight regardless.

He walked past me, and toward General Mar. "Inform the men and ask for volunteers for a strike force. Tell them that any who wish to fight for Noxus may, but they will be under Commander Sion." He said in a calm, even voice. Rarely did the Grand General shout or bark. If there was anything that could make him lose his cool, it was betrayal.

The general saluted, and then ran off to do as he was told. I watched the man flee, going to gather the men I would soon be leading, if he was smart, and then I turned back to the Grand General and was surprised to see him coming toward me.

I saluted, as was custom. "At ease, Commander." I did so, placing my hands behind my back and fixing my stance. He looked up at me with his dark red eyes, red as blood, and met my eyes. "I thought you'd already be out there, fighting for Noxus to your last breath." He said, asking me what my plan was.

"Grand General! I am only one man among an army of men. If I went out alone, the others wouldn't know who to follow in this..." I glanced to the side for a moment, my eyes narrowing in a glare. "Disorder."

"You wouldn't deny them their final battle, would you?" He asked with a stern tone.

I met his eyes once more. "No Grand General. My duties are first to Noxus, and then to you, so long as they are for the betterment of Noxus." A ballista crashed into one of the towers, sending archers fleeing out of the crumbling tower but not opening the wall. "If Noxus is to fall this day, I will take as many of those dogs to Hell with me." I replied with an equally stern tone.

The Grand General did not so much as glance or flinch at the sound of the ballista or siege engineer boulders hitting the walls and gates. "Were things different, Commander, I would be out there as well. As things are, I must stay here and coordinate the rest of the army." We both knew that was true. Even in his growing age, Boram Darkwill was a sorcerer of great power and a master with the sword and spear. Had he been missing both of his arms, he out be tearing the throats out of his enemies like a wolf.

I saluted once more, and smirked. "I will try to save some for you and the rest of the men, but I cannot make any promises."

I saw the twitch of a smile come over him, but he did not smile. "Give them hell." He replied, and then began to walk away as I held my salute. "Blood for Noxus, Sion."

"Blood for Noxus..."

After an hour, the gates were closed and barred shut, but those of us who were willing to fight were gathered at the front.

Five hundred men and women, some just boys and girls and some with swords, axes, maces, and spears and others with bows, crossbows, and slings, some in plate and others in leather, some tall and some short, some having fought for years and others who have only just come from the training schools were gathered behind me, demanding Demacian blood with our final breathes.

The Grand General's final words to us still rang in my ears; it was one of the rare times he had ever shouted, and he wanted to make sure his voice was heard above that of the enemy's noise.

"Sons and daughters of Noxus! Hear the voice of your Grand General! Today is the beginning of our final stand against the Demacians who are at our doors!
"As you know, we are on the verge of defeat! I will not lie to you: We may have already lost the war, but we have one final battle to win!
"The enemy is out there, bombarding us with their siege weapons, and their king hides at the end of their lines; his family's flag flying in the back! I have seen it, and that has told me of the cowardice of our foe!
"For this reason alone, I have authorized that all men and women who are willing to fight may do so! If the Demacians believe we will lie in wait for them to take our great city, they are wrong!
"I will not order any of you fight for your lives, but I will promise this: This is the final chance all of you have to fight and die in a glorious battle!
"The rest of you who remain will do so with me, but, when the enemy tears down our gates, you will be ordered to fight to your last breath! I expect two Demacians for every Noxian that dies!
"To those of you who are going out to fight one last time, know will fight under a man of great strength and greater honor, but that man is not me.
"Commander Sion will lead the charge!
"Anyone who does not agree to this decision may speak now and challenge him for his position, or me for this order, but I would rather you die fighting a Demacian! Are there any objectors!?"


"Blood for Noxus! FOREVER STRONG!"


"CHARGE!" I ordered. "Kill them all!!!" My final order.

With that command given, five hundred soldiers of Noxus, all seeking death in one last glorious battle, thundered into the ranks of Demacian soldiers.

In seconds, the air smelt of blood and sweat, and the ground of Noxus drank deeply of Demacia's front-lines.

I raised my axe, and hacked through one soldier with a downward strike, cleaving the man in two as another one flanked me. I stomped the dead Demacian's corpse and pulled my axe free, bringing it up and knocking my attacker away and into those behind him. I backhanded one with a morning star as he at me, knocking him off his feet, and crushed his head beneath my boot.

Their numbers were overwhelming, but, for one of theirs that died, it looked like another of yours took his place. Was my force being reinforced from the walls? In the heat of battle, I did not care. All that mattered was that Demacian's were dying.

Three of them tried to jump me, one at my back, one at my side, and other at my front. I stepped back, swinging my axe in a crescent swipe, and took the one from behind, and then used my axe to block the one that was at my side. When the one at my front was near, I grabbed his wrist, wrenched the sword from hand threw him at the one to my side.
I chomped them both in half before turning, and then I saw something, for a moment I saw it, that made me grin.

On the wall, the archers were firing arrows into the fray. My force and I had condemned ourselves to death, and so, while we distracted them, our archers would cover us as best they could. And there were ladders that more climbed down from to join the battle.

A sharp sound caught my attention then, and I saw the Demacian's readying their siege equipment. They were preparing to use their weapons against us! But not while I drew breath.

I immediately charged toward their engineers of war, cleaving and crushing those in my way, until I made it to the first one. With a mighty swing, I chopped out the spring, forcing the machine to jump off the ground and throw itself onto its back. When it landed, it shot it's ballista into the enemy forces, leaving ways of causalities in its wake.
This gave me an idea.

I looked around and saw that there were Noxians in battle, and I rushed to help them. One in particular, a young man I knew to be called Urgot who fought like a wild animal with his twin swords, was outnumber and still holding his own.

I grabbed the closest Demacian by his shirt collar and threw him it to the ground before stomping his chest. I then cleaved the next from shoulder to hip and relieved him of his great sword, which I used to skewer his friend.

Urgot, realizing he had assistance, cut down the two his was fighting, removing one's head and another's arm with a cross cutting action. He then finished off his foe by running him through and yanking him off his blade. "Commander!" He said.

"Take the enemy's siege weapons! Turn them on their own!" I ordered, pointing toward the engines.

He looked around and raised his left sword into the air. "Capture the enemy's engines! Kill them with their own weapons!" He cried out. The men around him, nearly twenty, charged toward the engines, cutting down any Demacians they met on their way, but he stopped in front of me. "What about you Commander?" He asked.

"I will find their commanders and end them! If you cannot defend the engines, destroy them!" I ordered, and then turned to locate the leaders of these dogs. My search did not take long.

I saw men of rank, their armor shining and glimmering in the sun, fighting and barking orders to their men. They stood out like bone against blood, and I would crush them just as easily.

I roared out as I charged, knocking the shield from one and using it as my own as I bull rushed the shining dog. His sword cut into my shield and my arm, but I grabbed his before his blade could disable me and I popped the bone from his arm and used it to jab him in the eye. As he recoiled back, swinging blindly with his good arm as he cried out in pain, I wrenched the sword from his hand and stabbed it into his neck and chest.

When I did, and he was gurgling his last breaths away and drowning in his own blood, I held his body up for his fellow soldiers to see. "Demacian dogs! You will all die this day!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. If that only scared them into stunned silence, twisting off their captain's head with my bare head sent them running.

I threw the head into the enemy ranks, and then continued my advance, knowing that there were more Noxians at my side.
We were pushing them back, though, at the time, I did not know. All I knew was that I was still alive, and that i could still kill more Demacians.

I bellowed out, the lust for blood and battle taking me, and met the next captain. This one wore a symbol of a family on his breastplate, and he was challenging me, an unspoken one as his soldiers stepped aside when he commanded and met me in a ring of steel.
What a fool.

He wielded a great sword and charged me, trying to halt my own charge, and swung his weapon as I swung mine. The resulting clang of Demacian steel on Noxian steel caused us both to recoil back, but I caught myself before him.

I stomped forward once, and then jumped up, raising my axe high in the air to cleave him in two. He took a step back and straightened his sword, planning to impale me on his blade with my own weight and momentum, but he was not battling another captain of honor.

I swatted it aside with my free hand, spinning once in midair, and then landing on my knee with a thud as my axe cleaved the Demacian's head in two, but I could not cut through his armor.
Was I that tired...? How long had I been fighting...?

I twisted my body around and rammed the dead body with my arm, knocking it back and standing to my feet. As it fell and bounced away, I breathed heavily and just saw the looks of startled shock in the faces of the soldiers behind the body.

And then, I heard a voice. "K- kill him! Kill him!" It sounded panicked, urgent, and the rest of the soldiers, slowly and reluctantly, began to step forward to attack, but there were others who were charging toward me with far more confidence.

I roared out in fury and met them in battle!

I stepped on the body of the captain I had just killed and used him as a platform to land on one of the shaky soldiers, crushing him beneath my feet, and punching one of the the higher ranked soldiers in his face. I grabbed the body and used it to shield myself from another's attack, and then reached forward and broke that one's neck.

The next one who came at me swung with a morning star. I blocked it with my arm, and then brought my axe down, nearly cutting him in half. My axe was stuck in his body, and so I let it go.
It was almost my time... but even death could not keep me from the one who had ordered my death. It was not the voice of my Grand General; how dare that one demand my death...

With a bloodied hand I tore the jaw from another soldier and used it like a hook to deflect another higher soldier's weapon from me before snapping his neck. One of them jumped on my back and stabbed a knife into my head. I reached up, grabbed his arm, and threw him to the ground, where I ripped his arm off and used it to club another. A third one stabbed me in the back with his sword, the weapon fully penetrating me. I swung my arm around, grabbed him by the shoulder, and made him watch as I pull his sword out of my back and cut him in half from the waist.

I dropped him and backhanded another higher ranked soldier, grabbed him as he spun, and slammed him on the ground. I stepped on him and met his comrade face-to-face. He ran my arm threw with his sword, and I tore his throat out with my teeth. Another one charged at me with a halberd; I stepped out of his way and rammed his head through the butt of the weapon.

When I looked around for the next attacker, I saw him... the Demacian king, the crown on his head, drawing his sword and taking the shield from a squire.

I narrowed my eye; this was the one who wanted me killed. "You want my head, King Jarvan!? Take it from me!!!" I shouted, and let out a battle cry as I charged toward him.

I staggered and stumbled in my charge, feeling arrows, bolts, and knives hit me from all sides, but I would not be denied this man's blood! If I was to die, there would be only who killed me, and that was only after I had split his blood.

He raised his sword, drew his arm back, and prepared to stab at me from behind his shield... but no manner of wall would stop me. His walls of men, armor, and steel did not stop me, a sword and shield would not stop me.

I didn't know how I had gotten so far into the enemy lines, but I didn't care. If it was Urgot and his team's use of the siege engines that had gotten me this far, that that disrupted the enemy's ranks so, I did not care. Vaguely, do I even recall the name of the captain I had slain before... something Crownguard, but I didn't care enough to know where it had come from or who had said it.

All I cared about was the king of the enemy before me.

I remember the feeling of his sword stabbing through my body, flesh and muscle, and piercing my heart. I also remember the feeling of my head being locked around his throat holding him above the ground for a moment before he collided with the throne he had no doubt sat in.

I felt death's claws digging into me, but, as they did, as my eyes grew darker, I remember the strained look the king's face...
The lost thing I remember hearing was a snap that sounded like it was miles away... and the last thing I remember seeing was his eyes going wide...

What happened next, was something I did not intend. Urgot's forces had wreaked complete havoc on the enemy ranks and lines, bombarding them with boulders and ballista that killed hundreds and injured more. From the ramparts and walls, the archers kept the vast majority of Demacia's front lines from advancing, allowing more Noxians to reinforce their lines and push them back.

In the thick of battle, with several captains killed and many soldiers without leadership, the Noxian strike force had killed Demacian after Demacian, sending them into further disarray and confusion.

The spell casters of Noxus soon joined the fray as well, led by Darkwill himself, leaving Demacian forces, many of whom were recoiling and those in the back fleeing, in a complete retreat. No prisoners were taken, and all Demacian stragglers were dealt with quickly and effectively.

In a matter of days, Noxian forces were reorganized and moving out, and a search party was sent out to find the commander who had led the charge. To their dismay, and Boram Darkwill's unspoken sorrow, Sion was dead, his body laying over the body of King Jarvan the First.
The Demacian forces were so shell shocked by the hulking Noxian that they had left the body of their king to flee.

Though a mighty warrior was lost, he had pulled Noxus from the verge of defeat and devastation, and brought a nation to a complete standstill with his charge.

Though both forces had suffered greatly, and it would take time for them to regain their strength again, Demacia would not be able to return to the war anytime soon...