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League of Legends Teamspeak3 Server

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Mr KineBud

Junior Member


Hello fellow League of Legends players come join our League of Legends community Teamspeak 3 server!
You can download Teamspeak 3 here teamspeak.com it takes about 30 seconds. Once you do that open teamspeak go to connections and connect to

We are a NO RULES SERVER, however just because this server doesnt give 100 rules doesnt mean we tolerate people who cause problems and drama!!!

- Do NOT post a BAD LINK or you WILL get BAN. Do not click a BAD link or you WILL get yourself Keylogged, Scammed, or Hacked.

- We do NOT tolerate Childrens Pornography, or any Pornography at all, Etc.

- Do NOT advertise your own (any)TS Server while over here

- You will have no choice but to leave this TS Server if you cannot treat others the way you wish to be treated (To protect our loved and valued members)

- Be Respectful to the Server Assistants and Admins (Blue and Green
Shields with 'S' in them)

- Refrain from changing your name a lot

- We also ask that you respect our members, and if their name or the room their in says "don't poke" you do not poke them, or if it says ASK BEFORE you enter then DO SO EVERYONE...

PLEASE READ: DO NOT ENTER ANYONES PRIVATE ROOM BEFORE YOU ASK and if you DO, DONT complain about their conversation its PRIVATE. LFB

Only 5 Icons per registered account!

If a registered user kicks an unregistered person without reason, they will recieve a 1 hour ban, if continually doing so it will be a 1 week ban, etc.

You are allowed to have a private room, however if the room is not used regularly we will be deleting the room and not re-making it.

Thank you,
Mr Kinebud and Staff