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New options for locked camera players

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I have been playing this game for about 3 years now and I have about 800 wins. I do not consider myself an elite player at all but I consider myself an average Silver player. With that being said, I am different with most user in a sense that I played with lock screen for my majority of my time in league and I do not feel any disadvantages for most champions. However, I do struggle sometimes when I am on the top team invading to the bottom team's nexus. This is because the bottom HUD bar, map on the bottom right, and the item box on the left gets in the way. When I am invading top nexus, I don't have this problem. Can league of legends make an option for users like me to do something about this?

for example, make an option for users to see the hud bar when we press tab, or make it see through, or a way to just not show it or something. this will help tremendously. I understand that most users don't play lock screen so big changes shouldn't be made for the minorities. but it would be great if you can just make an option for us.