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Amateur Double Elimination 1v1 Tournament[35,000 RP in Rewards]

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Destiny Foxy




Destiny Falls Events Department will be hosting a amateur double elimination 1v1 Tournament on Sunday. All Participants must show up to the teamspeak server specified half a hour prior to the tournament.When entering the server,you will enter the "Welcome Lobby", a staff member will be there to assist you and get you set up for the tournament! Since this tournament is only for amateurs, only players between Bronze V-Gold III are able to participate.

Date: October 5th 2014
Time: 6:45 pm EST
Teamspeak3 Server:ts60.gamespeak.com

1st-5th Place Rewards: 3200 RP
6th-10th Place Rewards: 2200 RP
11th-15th Place Rewards: 1350 RP
16th-20th Place Rewards: 800 RP

Map: Summoners Rift
Game Mode:
- Matches will be played using 'Blind Pick' game mode, players will state their bans in the match lobby before the host starts the game.
-If you don't finish a game out for any reason, you will not receive rp.
- 3 bans will be allowed for each player before the match. The person who created the match goes first. 1-1-1-1-1-1 format, back and forth.(These are chat bans)

Game Rules:

- *Teamspeak is Required!
- 3 Kills OR 1 Tower
- Players must remain in the mid lane, exiting will result in immediate disqualification. (This means no buffs, not even wraiths)
- Any Harassment of any kind will result in an immediate disqualification, be friendly and mature.
- Stay within the red lines of mid lane, being caught outside of those lines will result in disqualification! (Players must provide a screenshot when reporting a match)

Match Rules:

- Banned Summoner Spells: Teleport, Revive
- Banned Champions: Yorick, Zilean, Anivia, Dr Mundo, Aatrox, Zac
- Banned Items: Guardian Angel, Trinkets
-Finals Will be best of 3
- If you are afk without prior notice for more than 10 minutes after your match is announced a bye will be given to the other contestant and you will be disqualified from the tournament.

The winner is asked to screenshot for proof of their win, so that if the match is called into dispute there will be clear evidence of the winner.

Please refrain from lying as you will be immediately removed from the tournament!

If you have ANY questions Add me On League or visit our Teamspeak

Destiny Falls


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Parker v4