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Magic Penetration =/= Nifty?

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Senior Member


So, I was proud that through mastery and items, i could obtain 75% magic penetration if i wanted. But then i started looking at strong heroes, and noticed that unless theyre tanks, they max at around 50 magic armor. So, I'm likely going to go for things with a flat reduction, like sorc boots.

Im sure tanks are another issue altogether, but i dont think im too worried about them as nidalee. If theres more than one, im sure a % reduction is okay.

Opinions on what i should do about magic penetration items? Are they really all that worth it? :0

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Viro Melchior



The order of occurance:
"Reduces magic resistance by XX" - can go below 0
"Penetrates XX% magic resistance"
"XX magic penetration" - cannot go below 0

Attack tree master = 15%
Void Staff = 40%

So get that mastery, fill your Marks with penetration (8.x total). Add in Sorcerer Boots (20), and you're golden. The result is anyone with under 63 magic resist has 0. From there it scales to an effective resist of 62 if they stack 200.

If you are playing with any "reduce" benefits (Fiddle and Amumu mainly), stack as much of that as you can, MP runes, and nothing else to mitigate magic resist unless you see someone with 200+ resist (at which point, add in a Void Staff).