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Kha'Zix x Rengar short (not gay)

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Rengar was exhausted after his latest hunt and rested on the corpse of his new trophy: an abnormally large rhinocerous that was wanted for
the killing of 2 hunters. As he rested, he took out his machete to slice off the beast's head, when all the sudden, he heard a crackling
sound inside the beast's mouth and stepped back. A pool of blood formed under the rhino's neck, and a blood-soaked figure burst out of
its skin in an instant, and started breathing heavily. Rengar readied his weapon, but he was in no condition to fight after the toll
the rhino took on him, and he focused hard with blurred vision as he tried to identify what he was seeing. The figure looked around and
wiped the blood from its eyes, and froze after looking toward Rengar. Intent on visual awareness, Rengar focused hard and eventually
identified the figure: it was Kha'Zix. He raised his machete with what was left of his strength.
"Prepare yourself... Beast... you're mine..." He kept a hand on his knee to hide his injury and stepped slowly toward him, and collapsed
from exhaustion and pain. The last thing he saw while laying on the floor before he finally passed out was Kha'Zix's clawed foot.

Hours later, he awoke and felt strange and out-of-place. He was in a deep, dark place in the woods, he didnt know where he was, and he
was bound to the trunk of a large tree in some form of cocoon, which wrapped his entire body except his head. He tried to break out of
it, but his arms were bound too tightly and his neck stopped him from being able to bite himself free.
"Rengarrr...You're awake." He looked up and saw a dark figure at the top of the tree, and it jumped down in front of him
"Kha'Zix." He sighed. "I was careless. I didn't have the strength to fight you." Kha'Zix raised his claws and Rengar put his head down,
preparing himself for death.
*Schlik!* The cocoon was slashed open and Rengar fell on the ground, Kha'Zix standing over him. Rengar was puzzled, and looked up to
see Kha'Zix fiddling with his claws.
"What? WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BEAST!? Kill me!"
"Rengarrr... you sssaved me. Thank you."
"I didn't save you from nothing! You hid inside my trophy and ambushed me!"
"No... That was pure coincidence. I picked a foolish place to hibernate after I ate that creature's children. when I woke up, I found
out I had been eaten whole...I'd bursted out of creature's stomachs before, but thisss one had very strong throat muscles. I escaped
because you helped me kill it."
Rengar remembered that the rhinocerous was behaving a bit oddly, sometimes stopping its pursuit of Rengar to body slam the ground. Kha'Zix
was killing it from the inside? If that's the case, then Rengar felt that this hunt was pointless, and refused to take home its head.
Rengar growled under his breath as he stared at Kha'Zix. He looked around the floor, and found the creature's giant head on the other
side of the tree. He picked it up and tossed it at Kha'Zix. "I didnt save you. You stole my kill." He started to walk off, and Kha'zix
lept in front of him. "Rengarrr... wait."
Rengar glared at him. "What do you want."
Kha'Zix held a large, squishy, dark-red thing and offered it up to Rengar. "Thisss is the best part of that delicious creature. I saved
the heart for you." Rengar looked at it, then at Kha'Zix, then at the heart again.
"Only because I'm hungry." He takes a big bite out of it and blood gushes all over Kha'Zix's arm, and Kha'Zix enthusiastically licks
it off of himself, savoring the taste of the Rhino's blood. "Kha'Zix. I appreciate your mercy, but the next time we meet, one of us
will die. I will not show the same mercy." Kha'Zix's body shivered in excitement
"Yesss.... That's what I like about you." He then went back to fiddling with his claws and glanced at Rengar. "Can I go on a hunt with you?"
The Pridestalker raised an eyebrow at the Voidreaver. "Why?" Kha'Zix continued fiddling with his claws and stared at the ground. Rengar
wanted to turn him away, but then he thought that this would be a good opportunity to directly study Kha'Zix for their final fight.
"I suppose. Just one. Meet me tomorrow where the rhinocerous was." Kha'Zix's ears flickered in excitement before he lept away, and vanished.
Rengar pushed himself through the woods until he figured out where he was, and went back to his cabin. When he got there, there was
something on his porch: the head of the same rhinocerous he killed with Kha'Zix. He sighed, and thought about tossing it out, but after
a little deliberation, he brought it inside and took it to his trophy room. The left wall was adorned with trophies he acquired in his
youth, when he just started hunting. The front wall was adorned with trophies of the strongest beasts he'd ever slain, and it was
the same wall that had the big, empty mount at the top labeled "KHA'ZIX." The right wall, however, was bare. He starts thinking about
Kha'Zix's actions of the day, and decides to put the Rhino's head on the center of it. He then climbed to the top of the wall, and
with his claws etched the words "WITH KHA'ZIX"

The next day, Rengar headed out the door and tripped on something that was left on his porch. It was another squishy, red, juicy heart,
this time of a dragon, Rengar could tell because of his experience hunting. He looked left and right for Kha'Zix, and after he didn't find
him, ate the heart before heading off to his meeting point. When he got there, he saw Kha'Zix eagerly awaiting him, swinging upside-down
from a tree branch. Rengar gave him a stern look, and Kha'Zix reacted by hopping down and wiping the grin off his face. *cough* "Where
isss our target, Rengar?"
"We killed the only known danger, so we need to just find a target worthy of killing. Something that would strike heavy fear into any
other hunter."
"Yesssss heheheh! That's my kind of prey..."
As they scouted the woods looking for another beast to kill, Rengar had some things he wanted to ask. "Kha'Zix. Firstly, how did you
find my hidden cabin?"
"Oh. I ehm... I've been watching you from the shadows, enjoying the wonders you perform in your hunts... your prowess is only matched by
mine. I've known your location for a long time. Do you remember that warthog?"
"You were watching me hunt and you never attacked? And furthermore, I wasn't able to find you all this time? What kind of hunter are you,
you could have jumped me several times when I was weakened!"
"Nooo... That isss... dirty. I wanted to kill you when you were at full power!" Kha'Zix never struck Rengar as the challenge-seeker type,
he had always assumed he was just a bloodthirsty carnivore that preyed on the weak. For this reason, Rengar had always been prepared to
strike at the most inconvenient time for him, expecting he would do the same. Rengar was happy to hear this, because he sought maximum
challenge too, and he will get it when the two face off.
"Why did you leave a heart on my porch?"
"Becaussse... you saved me, and I thought you would be hungry." Kha'Zix then stopped moving, and one of his ears twitched. "Rengar, I've
found something!" Rengar looked around, but didn't see anything. As Kha'Zix sneak-crawled to the east, Rengar started sniffing, and
picked up the scent of aggressive pheromones. "I smell... Insects? You can't be serious, Beast." Kha'Zix continued to crawl further east
until he reached a large hole in the ground and froze. Rengar sniffed again. "Hmm.. Now I smell..." *sniff* "A human corpse?" Just then,
a massive creature crawled out of the hole, and Kha'Zix lept at it immediately, puncturing and latching onto the enormous spider's abdomen
as he took bites out of it. Rengar was quick to join in, and disabled 3 of the spider's legs with a bola before charging underneath it and
slashing its underbody. Within a few seconds, it was spewing green slime out of its dead body, and the abdomen had been completely severed.
This had to be Rengar's quickest hunt: he had fought large spiders before, and although they weren't as tremendous in size, he'd never
managed to just instantly kill one upon his first charge. "Well... That was a bit shorter than I hoped it would be, but there was our hunt."
"Not yet..." Kha'Zix pointed into the pit. "We mussst... Destroy her children." They both walked up to the pit, and looked down its long
tunnel. Many skittering noises echoed out of the pit, there must have been hundreds down there. Rengar nodded at his rival and they ventured
down into the dark pit, being as quiet as possible. Rengar was able to see out of his artificial eye, and Kha'Zix, being Voidborn, naturally
could see in deep darkness. The first thing they encountered was a large web, likely made by the spider they killed, with a decomposing
corpse stuck to it, all the fluids drained from the body. As they sneaked further into the tunnel, a single spiderling caught sight of
them, and started making a strange shrieking noise, which was quickly halted by Kha'Zix jumping to the spider and eating it whole. "That
spider was an alarm, Rengar. Let our hunt begin!" In an instant, hundreds of spiderlings crawled out of the walls and ran toward the
two of them. Kha'Zix looked toward Rengar and cackled before running. "Let them chase us!" Rengar nodded and ran alongside Kha'Zix
away from the spiders, and turned into another tunnel where they stopped running and waited for the swarm. When a big mass of them
showed, Rengar shot a net at a cluster of them, and Kha'Zix followed it up by firing an explosive spike into the net, killing all of
the ones that were caught and some of them that were touching the net. Rengar grinned, now enjoying this, as they continued to be chased
throughout the tunnel, taking another turn and waiting again. Kha'Zix's arms started briefly smoking, and soon afterward, the tips
were covered in thick ooze. When the swarm showed up, Kha'Zix thrust his claws toward it and the ooze flung off onto all of the spiders,
and they experienced a light form of melting of their exoskeletons and were slowed. Rengar lept at them and crushed the whole swarm this
time with his machete several times. "Ha ha! Nicely done, Beast. Let's get out of this cave now, and we'll kill any that we see on the way."
Kha'Zix's ears drooped: he knew the hunt was over now. "okayyy..." They went back the same route they took when they were ambushing the
spiderling swarms, but unfortunately didn't find any more spiderlings to kill. When they took the last turn to get to the entrance, a
menacing display blocked their path. Two large male spiders and the Spider Queen, Elise.

"So, you two think you can waltz into my cavern, kill my guard, and slaughter my children and walk out of here alive? You're sorely
mistaken, fools! It's going to take a lot of blood to nourish a new egg sac, it's a good thing you two have already killed yourselves by
coming here!" She let out a hiss, and the two male spiders shot poisonous stingers out of their abdomen's at Rengar. Rengar roared at them,
and started to lose consciousness quickly. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was Kha'Zix mid-jump toward them after he shrieked
menacingly toward them.

Rengar was now certain that he was dead. The next thing he saw after his long sleep was him floating in blackness, nothing around him,
and he was unable to feel anything. There was no sound, no smell, no hot or cold, he was just drifting along in nothingness forever.
Over time, he was eventually able to tell that many years had passed, so this was not going to end. He started to evaluate himself, and
his level of success in life. Overall, he was proud to have been the strongest official hunter the world had ever known, but at the same
time, he was not content in the fact that he failed to accomplish his one life goal: to defeat Kha'Zix. Then, a thought branched off that
he had never thought before: "Maybe it was...better... that I didn't kill Kha'Zix." He thought. "Pursuing him gave my life meaning, and
I dedicated everything to trying to surpass him. If I had ever finally killed him... what would I do then? I would have nothing else to
live for. Nothing to pursue. And besides..." He sighed. "He spared me many times when he could have ambushed me. Perhaps he reached this
understanding long ago. Maybe that's why he was watching me hunt." He rubbed the back of his neck. "You know... He was pretty fun to hunt
with. I wish that last hunt would have lasted longer." Suddenly, a sharp pain stabbed Rengar's heart. "AAGH!" The blackness started
fading to gray, and then gray to white, and it felt like he was falling. When he stopped falling, his senses started returning to him,
and, slowly but surely, he started seeing different colors and shapes, and discovered that he was inside his cabin laying on his bed.
He sat up and looked around: sure enough, he was home. He got out of his bed and found out that it was difficult to stand, and his
strength was drained. Nevertheless, he left his bed and heard odd wheezing outside. He went to his front door and opened it so see
a battered, cut-up Kha'Zix bleeding on his porch, facing out, standing in a defensive position outside his door in the rain, wheezing from
the damage, no doubt. His right claw had been heavily chipped and he was shaking, but he stood alert defending the front door. Rengar regained
his strength and grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him inside. "Kha'Zix, what are you doing! You're hurt: you need to eat to
restore yourself!"
"Rengarrr... You're... Alive..." Kha'Zix then collapsed on the floor, still conscious but exhausted beyond words. Rengar charged to his
meat locker and grabbed the meat he kept from his favorite kills. He carried armfulls of them to Kha'Zix as he lay on his side wheezing.
Kha'Zix was slow to begin eating due to the pain, but slowly, as he would eat, he gained more control of his body and some of his injuries
sealed themselves up. The wheeze became lighter and he looked up to Rengar. "I thought you were dead. Thank you for coming back." A small,
acidic tear dropped from Kha'Zix. "I was guarding you from thieves and predators all day."
Rengar slowly sprouted a loose smile, unable to keep his bearing. "I can't die without defeating my greatest rival, Kha'Zix. But the time
I spent thinking I was dead got me to thinking: why have you recently developed an obsession of me?"
Kha'Zix coughed up blood and then smiled. "Before, it was simply because you put on a great show. I loved seeing your hunts. But the
recent desire to be with you is because..." He rubbed his claws together, and slowly started to turn a shade of red rather than purple.
"You are...my mate."
Rengar's eyes slowly widened in surprise. "I'm...your mate? How so?"
"We of the void choossse our mates based on strength... and it is finalized when we eat the same creature...This is why I gave you the
Rhino's heart. You saved me, and I wanted you."
Rengar tried to fight back a blush because of his machoness, but failed. "Kha'Zix, I..." He looked down and sighed. "I would want to be your
mate, but we are both male. In order to reproduce, I need a female, and so do you."
"Noooo...We of the Void... there is no male or female. We can all find, or become, hosts for the mates we choose, and when they hatch,
they are an even mixture of both parents."
Rengar, overcome with happiness, grabbed Kha'Zix in a bone-crushing hug as he fought back tears. "In that case...You are mine, Beast.
Nobody else can claim you as their mate"
Kha'Zix sat up, mostly restored now by Rengar's food. As he finished eating what was left, Rengar started licking Kha'Zix's wounds to clean
them. Then he quickly stopped, remembering that his blood was acidic, but when he spat it out, nothing in his mouth had melted, and he
noticed that it tasted good (not that he wanted to eat more of it.) "Isn't your blood supposed to burn me?"
"Nooo... While you were asleep, I didnt think you would come back to me, so I finished the final step of the mating rites... I injected
a certain venom into you from a special gland that we of the Void may only use once, to make you immune to the harmful effects
of our fluids. We save it for the one we choose as our mates."
Rengar smiled at Kha'Zix and continued licking his wounds. Then, he noticed several bubbles forming in the area he was licking. "What is that?
Am I hurting you?"
"Haaa! No...I've picked up your DNA...These will be our children... They will sprout in 3 months."
Rengar forcefully hugged Kha'Zix again and passionately kissed him. "I can't wait to see our kids... They will be the deadliest hunters
ever spawned."
Kha'Zix snickered. "Yessss. That's a large reason I chose you."


-To set aside arguments, THIS IS NOT A GAY RELATIONSHIP STORY. As stated in the story, Kha'Zix is genderless. I only still refer to him
in the masculine grammar form because that is the default terminology for person with an unknown gender or is genderless.